Letter to the Editor: On the Motion to Concur with the Report of the Electoral Reform Committee

This letter was submitted to Waterloo Region Record, and printed on 27 May 2017. It does not appear to be on The Record’s web site.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you concerning a coming motion in Parliament to “concur” with the Report of the Electoral Reform (ER) Committee. Traditionally such a vote has always been a free vote.

Voting to concur will allow the subject of ER to regain Parliamentary attention. 88% of the contributors to the ER process recommended Proportional Representation (PR) as Canada’s new means of choosing its MPs.

This report should not be ignored by MPs and allowed to simply collect dust. I hope that all our local MPs will take advantage of the chance to vote their conscience, ensure equitable representation for all Canadians by ending First Past the Post (FPTP) and vote in support of the motion to adopt the ER committee’s recommendations.

Just two short years ago the Liberal Party was in third place demonstrating that our fickle FPTP system is unstable and subject to emotional mood swings of the electorate. This causes many problems such as the Policy Pendulum, strategic voting, discouraged and disenfranchised voters, lack of long term planning etc.

With the growing danger of Trumpism spreading to Canada as evidenced in the platforms of several Conservative leadership candidates, we need to protect our country by introducing a cooperative government structure.

Yours Truly,

Donald A Fraser

A Chilly Reception for Liberal Meet & Greet, 2 March 2017

A meet and greet at St John’s Evangelical Church in Kitchener involving two Cabinet ministers and 3 MPs was picketed by Proportional Representation enthusiasts angry about the broken Liberal electoral reform promise.

We made the local CTV evening broadcast. Since my sign only appears for a second, I show both sides of it below. The second side needs explanation. “Harperism” is the type of governance promoted by Harper in his last and only majority government in which he consistently attacked our democracy. Proportional Representation leads to coalition government in which nobody has a majority and governing is done by cooperation and compromise. Three CPC Harper-clone-Trumpist leadership candidates, Leitch, Alexander and O’Leary remind us of the possibility of another Harper-like majority so long as we keep our present First-Past-The-Post election system.

Protestors at rally

We're angry about the broken election reform promise!!!

Proportional Representation Protects Canada from Harperism