Fair Vote Canada Webinar: Building your local team and mentoring local leadership

1 October 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Anita Nickerson

Special Guest: Sharon Sommerville, leader of Fair Vote Canada’s Waterloo Region team. Sharon has been involved with Fair Vote Canada since about 2012, and leads one of the most active chapters in Canada, hosting 4-5 events, about 10 community tables, speaking engagements and numerous meetings with MPs each year, as well as regular volunteer meetings. Largely as a result of this work, Waterloo Region had one of the best attended electoral reform consultations in Canada. In this workshop she’ll share what has worked to get new volunteers involved and nurture shared leadership within the team — generating more activities and creativity and avoiding burnout. This workshop will be an opportunity for other Fair Vote Canada leaders to share their successes and challenges.

Register: If you are not on our Chapters/teams email list and would like to join this workshop, please contact anita.nickerson@fairvote.ca