Fair Vote Canada Webinar: PR Systems for Canada Series
Part One: Multi-member Systems — Single Transferable Vote (PR-STV) and Local PR

21 October 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Anita Nickerson

Special Guest: Byron Weber Becker. Find out how Single Transferable Vote (PR-STV) and an adaptation of it (Local PR) works for Canada! Byron Weber Becker teaches Computer Science at University of Waterloo. He has combined his passion for electoral change and his computer science expertise into a web site (http://election-modelling.ca) with detailed simulations of how various proportional options for Canada perform with different features under different conditions. He testified to the all-party committee on electoral reform and was asked to do additional work for them. Byron has been involved with the design of two made-for-Canada electoral systems, Rural-Urban Proportional Representation (in collaboration with Fair Vote Canada and Fair Voting BC — see webinar three in this series) and Local Proportional Representation.

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