Fair Vote Waterloo Discussion Night on Thresholds @ Community Meeting Room, Bread & Roses Co-op
Jan 31 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Discussion Night For the first Discussion Night in 2018 Dave Arthur will be giving an overview of thresholds in proportional election systems: How do we keep the extremists out? What’s the minimum percentage of votes a party should get before they’re granted a seat in parliament? How many votes does it take before a party is no longer considered extreme?

Unhappy Anniversary Party

As well, we’re un-celebrating the anniversary of the official announcement of the Liberals’ broken promise when Prime Minister Trudeau released the mandate letter for the Honourable Karina Gould:

There has been tremendous work by the House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform, outreach by Members of Parliament by all parties, and engagement of 360,000 individuals in Canada through A clear preference for a new electoral system, let alone a consensus, has not emerged. Furthermore, without a clear preference or a clear question, a referendum would not be in Canada’s interest. Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate.


If you’re driving to Discussion Night at Bread And Roses, place a note on the dashboard of your vehicle:

Meeting in Community Room re Apt 107 from 7-9pm

and park in the north lot, on the other side of the Morrison-Reist building Map 2

Ontario Provincial Election 2018
Jun 7 all-day

This is the date for the Ontario Provincial election, following the provincial election of 12 June 2014.

From the Election Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.6 (revised 7 June 2017):

First Thursday in June

(2) Subject to the powers of the Lieutenant Governor referred to in subsection (1), general elections shall be held on the first Thursday in June in the fourth calendar year following polling day in the most recent general election. 2016, c. 33, s. 7.

Ontario Municipal Elections 2018
Oct 22 all-day

From the Ontario Municipal Elections Act, Voting Day:

Voting day in a regular election is the fourth Monday in October, subject to section 10. 1996, c. 32, Sched., s. 5; 2009, c. 33, Sched. 21, s. 8 (4).

Federal Election 2019
Oct 21 all-day

This is the latest date for a federal election, following the federal election of 19 October 2015.

For Fixed Election Date legislation see Date of General Election | Canada Elections Act

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