Fair Vote Canada releases poll that confirms Canadians want Proportional Reprentation

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Last week FairVote Canada released the results of a poll done by Strategic Communications between April 22 – May 9th, 2017. 15,806 people were surveyed in 20 Liberal ridings and the results confirm that there is a consensus in support of proportion representation.

Closer to home, results from Kitchener Centre are clear: 82% of respondents support proportional representation and 75% of respondents want Raj Saini to advocate for PR in Parliament.

This is the report from Strategic Communications: Fair Vote Canada National Survey IVR Report (.PDF, 1.1 MBytes)

Can you help spread the word that Kitchener Centre wants electoral reform? Two posters that can be used on social media are below.

On 31 May 2017, Parliament will discuss and vote on an NDP motion to adopt the recommendations of the electoral reform committee to move to a moderate form of PR. Stay tuned for information about a campaign to tell Liberal MPs to keep their promise on electoral reform and vote in favour of the NDP motion.

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Constituents in Kitchener Centre support proportional representation | In a proportional system, every possible vote will count toward electing someone from the party you support. Under our current first-past-the-post system, if you vote for a candidate that does not win, your vote will not elect a representative. Are you in favour of a system that would make every possible vote count toward representation? | Yes=82%, No=18% of decided constituents | Tell Raj Saini to vote YES to PR

Constituents in Kitchener Centre want MP Raj Saini to stand up for PR | Do you want your Member of Parliament, Raj Saini, to advocate in the House of Commons that the Liberal government keep its promise, and change our system to proportional representation in time for the next election? | Yes=75%, No=25% of decided constituents | There is a consensus | Tell Raj Saini to vote YES to PR

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