Fair Vote Guelph Town Hall Meeting — Pictures

Inside Saint James the Apostle Church in Guelph

Inside Saint James the Apostle Church in Guelph

Brian Tanguay and Michael Chong

Panelists Brian Tanguay and Michael Chong

On Sunday, 6 April 2014 the Fair Vote Guelph chapter hosted a panel discussion at Saint James the Apostle church in Guelph, Ontario with panelists Michael Chong, Federal Member of Parliament for the Wellington-Halton Hills electoral district, and professor Brian Tanguay of Wilfrid Laurier University and Executive Board member for Fair Vote Waterloo.

Michael Chong talked about his private member’s bill, the Reform Act, then Brian Tanguay spoke on proportional representation.

Brian Tanguay, Michael Chong and Susan Watson

Brian Tanguay and Michael Chong with moderator Susan Watson

The media was well represented with both radio and television

Norah Chaloner, John Dennis, Ken MacKay, David Gundrum, Kevin Bowman, Derek Alton

The organizers — L-R: Norah Chaloner, John Dennis (of the Social Justice Committee at St. James), Ken MacKay, David Gundrum, Kevin Bowman, and Derek Alton.

On Thursday, 3 April 2014 Fair Vote Guelph members Ken MacKay and Steve Dyck, and moderator Susan Watson were interviewed on CFRU’s Beyond The Ballot Box: Democracy Under Threat

Fair Vote Guelph Town Hall pictures by Bob Jonkman are licensed Creative Commons LicenseCC-BY.

1 comment to Fair Vote Guelph Town Hall Meeting — Pictures

  • Pat McGrail

    Five of us attended from the Peel Chapter of Fair Vote Canada. Thank-you for this well-run event which was attended by so many on a sunny afternoon. Obviously, there is great hunger for information that will lead us out of the political morass that Canada finds itself in. Thank-you also to Dr. Brian Tanguay who gives so freely of his expertise and experience. We also owe Michael Chong a great deal for courage to step out from under the shadow of his political party to present an important piece of legislation – The Reform Act.

    But as one attendee noted that, while the Reform Act may lift the party shackles off MPs and give them more independence to act on behalf of their constituents, there is still nothing proposed that will give voters truly representative and accountable government. Only proportional representation will achieve that. While the Reform Act is very helpful and breaks the trail for future reforms, only PR will truly transform Parliament for the benefit of all Canadians. Fair Voters certainly do not intend to wait 5 years to see that transformation happen.

    The Fair Elections Act is just one more consequence of our FPTP electoral system. As so eloquently stated by Wilfred Day, “First-past-the-post is the ultimate voter suppression scheme. Every federal election, 7 million votes don’t count, and we end up with ‘majority’ governments elected on 39% of the vote. When the majority of Canadians have grave concerns with this bill, and a single party feels entitled to make such partisan changes with a mandate from less than 25% of eligible voters, that’s scandalous.”

    Voters have never had much say in what electoral system should look like. We are in a class struggle which has been going on for centuries. Ever since nobles stood armed at the palace gates, demanding a voice in governance from the King, citizens have struggled to achieve truly representative and accountable government, one concession at a time – usually as the result of some threat or duress to the ruling class. Canadians cannot sit passively by and let someone else take on the fight to reclaim our democracy. Because there is no-one else to do this except the engaged citizens who demand their democratic rights. Proportional representation is within our grasp – and soon – if we all pull together to make it happen.

    Thanks again to the Fair Voters of K-W and Guelph, Council of Canadians and St. James Social Justice groups who made this town-hall happen!


    Pat McGrail,

    Brampton ON