Fair Vote Waterloo 2016 Summer Festival schedule, AGM date, and some news

Hi everybody! Summer Festival season starts on Sunday, and the start of June means it’s time for the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter Annual General Meeting.

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But first, some news: You may have heard that the All-party Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform will now be composed of five Liberal members, three Conservatives, two NDP, and one each for the Green Party and Bloc Quebecois, with all seats having voting status and an equal voice. This follows (roughly) the votes received by each party, and not the seats they hold in the House. Finally, some Proportional Representation!

Some news agencies have reported this as Liberals give up or Liberals back down — but that’s not the case at all. It was achieved through the cooperation of ALL parties, who created legislation for the benefit of all Canadians. This is something we can expect to see more of with a proportionally represented parliament.

Kady O’Malley has written the most informative, least inflammatory article I’ve read on this: Liberals back NDP electoral reform committee, give up majority control | Ottawa Citizen

Annual General Meeting



Every year in the spring we hold an Annual General Meeting of the Fair Vote Waterloo Region Chapter to elect our Executive Board, receive our Financial Report, and discuss happenings in the Fair Vote community.

To help find the best date for the most people please fill out the online poll, or contact me directly at bjonkman@sobac.com or +1–519–635–9413 and let me know your preference. Proposed dates are from Wednesday 22 June 2016 to Tuesday 28 June, with the meeting to be held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Note that Monday, 27 June 2016 would normally be our Discussion Night, but we can double up and hold our AGM at the same time. And there are only evening dates (8:00pm to 10:00pm) for the weekend of 25-26 June 2016, because several of the Executive will be staffing the information booth at the Multicultural Festival. Speaking of festivals…

Summer Festival Season

Election Simulation: Providing Instructions


Every summer there are a number of open air celebrations where Fair Vote Waterloo has an information booth to give curious passers-by information on electoral reform and proportional representation. There is usually a LOT of interest, and sometimes some lively discussion. People can see some sample ballots for different voting systems, vote in a simulated election, and pick up the Fair Vote Canada tabloid and a “Your Vote Should Count” button. Come join us!

No, really, I mean it. Come join us and help staff the booth for a couple of hours. Even if you’ve never staffed a booth before, come listen to what the public has to say about Electoral Reform. You’ll be paired up with an experienced booth volunteer, and have a table full of information at your fingertips. Bring your sun hat and a water bottle!

And if your church, service club or neighbourhood is holding an event where people might like some information, we’ll be happy to set up a table, talk to people, and eat your potato salad.

If you’re interested in helping out, send me an e-mail at bjonkman@sobac.com or call me at +1–519–635–9413.

Here are the events for 2016 so far:

Event Date
tri-Pride Festival Sunday, 5 June, 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Open Streets Waterloo Sunday, 12 June, Noon – 5:00pm
Multicultural Festival Saturday & Sunday, 25-26 June, Noon – 8:00pm
Kultrun Saturday & Sunday, 9-10 July, Noon – 8:00pm
Nonviolence Festival Day In The Park Saturday, 9 July, Noon – 5:00pm
Open Streets Waterloo Sunday, 24 July, Noon – 5:00pm
LINK Picnic Festival Saturday & Sunday, 3-4 September, Noon – 5:00pm
Open Streets Waterloo Sunday, 21 August, Noon – 5:00pm
Open Streets Waterloo Sunday, 18 September, Noon – 5:00pm

You can see the entire Fair Vote Waterloo events calendar at http://fairvotewrc.ca/calendar/

See you at the festivals!

–Bob Jonkman,
Co-Chair, Fair Vote Canada, Waterloo Region Chapter

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