Have you sent the PM a “howler”?

Hello Everyone,

Do you remember what happened when parents sent their children stern letters to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series? Those letters were called “howlers”, they were delivered by owl, dropped on the dining table in front of the student, smoking and screeching.

Yesterday Justin Trudeau reneged on a key campaign promise to deliver electoral reform. In doing so, he betrayed the good will and hope that so many Canadians placed in him and the Liberal Party of Canada. Now it is time to let Prime Minister Trudeau know that not delivering on your promise of fair representation for all Canadians will have real consequences. Send the Prime Minister and local Liberal MPs a howler.

If you haven’t had time yet, I encourage you to send Waterloo Regional Liberals and Justin Trudeau a great “howler” via phone or email. And, a howler doesn’t have to be long, it can be as short and blunt message as you wish.

Contact information for is below.

With thanks,
Sharon Sommerville
for FVC–WR

Bardish Chagger
+1–613–996–5928 — Ottawa  Office
+1–519–746–1573 — Waterloo Office
Bryan May
+1–613–996–1307 — Ottawa Office
+1–519–624–7440 — Cambridge Office
Raj Saini
+1–613–995–8913 — Ottawa Office
+1–519–741–2001 — Kitchener Office
Marwan Tabbara
+1–613–992–1063 — Ottawa Office
+1–519–571–5509 — Kitchener Office
Justin Trudeau
+1–613–995–0253 — Ottawa Office (or perhaps +1–613–992–4211)
+1–514–277–6020 — Montreal Office
The Waterloo Region Record

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