Join our Thunderclap and find out Where They Stand on Tuesday!

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Thunderclap: Where They Stand

Hi everyone.

As you probably know, Fair Vote Canada has been asking candidates in every riding in Canada five questions to determine if they personally support PR, if they support it enough to advocate for it, and if they will vote for it. We need 170 yes votes to make PR reality in 2019.

On Tuesday morning the front page of will be Where They Stand. You’ll be able to look up your riding and see how your candidates answered.

I’m hoping all of you who are on social media will support our Thunderclap: Where They Stand.

You need to sign up before Tuesday at 10:00am. The more Canadians we can reach with Where They Stand, the better!

Note: On Tuesday, if you see a candidate with a Has Not Replied picture, be assured they didn’t just miss the email. There was also a Declined to Answer picture for those who replied but refused to answer any of the questions. In the ridings I’ve been looking after — about 200 of them — non-responders were emailed between three and six times. They had options of answering some or all of the questions, and clarifying their views in the quote section.

The party positions will be front and centre on our site, too. With three parties promising this is the last first-past-the-post election it’s an exciting time!

We’ll also be announcing on Tuesday that over 500 academics, including over 30 Canada Research Chairs, have signed an open letter by Peter Russell calling on the parties to implement a more proportional system for 2019.

Thanks for supporting our local Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter and our Thunderclap!


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