KW Multi-Cultural Fest Mock Election

Bob explains electoral reform

KW Multi-Cultural Festival: Bob explains electoral reform at the Fair Vote WRC tent


Canadians are interested in electoral reform these days. Some people say adopting an electoral system that would give us Proportional Representation wouldn’t work because the voting process would be too hard for Canadians. The folks at Fair Vote Canada disagree. More than 80 countries in the world have adopted Proportional Representation, and it hasn’t proven too difficult for them.

To demonstrate Canadians are smart enough to manage to vote for what we want in an election where we might actually get it, the folks at Fair Vote Waterloo decided to conduct a mock MMPR (Mixed Member Proportional Representation) election at the KW Multi-Cultural Festival.

This young man was very eager to try his hand at voting, and it certainly did not prove too difficult for him.

Choosing a candidate on the MMPR ballot

Choosing a candidate on the MMPR ballot

Bob Jonkman looks on as a young man expresses his wishes in the mock election.

Bob Jonkman looks on as a young man expresses his choices on the ballot.

choosing a party - on the left side of the ballot the voter chose Meatloaf, on the right his pen hovers over the Pie Party

The second half of an MMPR ballot is where the voter chooses a party

The young man deposits his own ballot in the ballot box

The voter deposits his ballot in the ballot box, just as we do now.

We hope to publish our mock election results later this week!

My photographs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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