Letter to the Editor: Broken Promises (Waterloo Region Record, 20 Jan 2018)

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Broken promises

Opinion 20 Jan 2018 Waterloo Region Record

Trudeau adds insult to injury on broken promise of electoral reform (Mirror) — Jan. 13

Thank you to Luisa D’Amato for her column on Justin Trudeau’s recent comments at a town hall in Nova Scotia when he was asked about his broken electoral reform promise.

I found Trudeau’s comment, “I was going to stay focused on the things that actually mattered” like creating jobs and help with university costs, galling. Democracy is something that actually matters. It is the foundation of our civil society. It actually matters that every individual has a right to effective representation.

My take-away from Trudeau’s now pat responses about electoral reform is that he wasn’t sincere when he made the commitment to reform our electoral system. I voted for Mr. Trudeau because of the promise to make every vote count. I won’t make that mistake again.

Jon Bathmaker