Letter to the Editor: Government should keep its promise (Waterloo Region Record, 30 May 2017)

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Government should keep its promise

OPINION May 30, 2017 Waterloo Region Record

In just two years, most non-conservatives in Waterloo Region will again be told we must vote for the Liberals to stop (fill in the blank). The red wave of strategic voting brought 136 new Liberal MPs to Ottawa in 2015. In Waterloo Region and across the country, Canadians were clearly promised electoral reform. MP Raj Saini, whose campaign sign adorned my lawn, waxed eloquent about his commitment to proportional representation for 2019 as an issue of fairness and equality. He vowed to represent constituents first.

When Prime Minister Trudeau unilaterally decided to kill electoral reform where does that leave the Liberal MPs? Strategic Communications recently completed polling of 15,000 people in 20 Liberal ridings for Fair Vote Canada. In the riding of Kitchener Centre, 75 per cent of decided respondents indicated they want Saini to stand up in the House of Commons and advocate that the government keep its promise. On May 31, there is a free vote in the House on the electoral reform committee’s report where he can do just that.

If MPs do not represent evidence, do not represent promises, and do not represent constituents, who do they represent?

Anita Nickerson