2019 June Discussion Night

Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Community Room, Bread and Roses Co-op

Reports and Action Items

The Fair Vote Canada Annual General Meeting was held Saturday, 8 June 2019. Sharon Sommerville gave a report:

Citizens’ Assembly

  • Fair Vote Canada’s National Strategy for the 2019 Federal Election is to set up a Citizens’ Assembly
  • See the video on the Citizens’ Assembly in Ireland When Citizens Assemble
  • There is no “Nuts’n’Bolts” info on Citizens’ Assemblies yet
  • A delegation is needed to visit Raj Saini (Kitchener Centre) and Bardish Chagger (Waterloo) to introduce the idea
  • Pick people who live in the riding to form the delegation
    • Terry Henderson will visit Bardish Chagger in Waterloo
    • Jim Sannes will visit Raj Saini in Kitchener

Third Pary Rules for election

  • Fair Vote Canada has registered as a Third Party
  • Rules for Third Parties will be posted on the Fair Vote Waterloo’s website

ERRE comments

  • Post online: “Visiting Liberal MPs: Excuses you may hear about the ERRE failure”

Upcoming Events

  • BBQ for Fair Vote Waterloo — Date to be determined
    • Location is Cathy Scott’s back yard

Other News

  • Terry Henderson to do data entry for National Office database
    • (this is from petitions gathered at festival events)

  • Sharon Sommerville and Byron Weber Becker to meet with Karina Gould

  • We need to count flyers &c. for Kultrun, Nonviolence DITP
    • Bundle flyers in groups of 25, paperclip, then submit numbers to Elections Canada

  • Door knocking teams:
    • Taking place starting Labour Day
    • To be organized at a future meeting (not necessarily Discussion Night)
    • Be careful about third-party rules!

  • Candidate meetings
    • with Greens, NDP and Liberals only


  • Myron doing the WR Nonviolence Day In The Park
  • Peter, Jim, Sharon, Dave Arthur will do Kultrun

Meeting notes taken by Bob Jonkman.