Press Release: Liberals Choose Self Interest Over Fairness

Press release sent to local media in Waterloo Region on 2 February 2017


Despite promising Canadians a democracy that is more fair and stronger, yesterday’s announcement by Minister Gould and additional comments by the Prime Minister gave us an unblemished example of political opportunism.

In addition to the disappointment and anger that millions of Canadians feel about reneging on the promise of meaningful electoral reform, this is a lost opportunity to ensure that the basic democratic principle that every citizen is equal under the law extends to include representation in Parliament.

Instead of joining the ranks of great prime ministers for such achievements as introducing universal health care, CPP or abolishing capital punishment, Trudeau will be remembered for turning his back on democracy. “I am not going to do something that is wrong for Canadians just to tick a box on an electoral promise.” It may well be that Canadians remember his broken promise the next time they are ticking a box on an electoral ballot.

Despite yesterday’s announcement, it is not too late for the Liberals to honour their promise to make 2015 the last election to use First Past The Post. We respectfully ask the Justin Trudeau to keep his promise and deliver the electoral fairness that Canadians voted for in October 2015.

Sharon Sommerville
FairVote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

phone: +1–519–208–7929
or: +1–519–721–9661

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