Four Days To Tell The Government That We Want Proportional Representation

Hello FairVoting Friends,

The public consultations by the Electoral Reform committee end this Friday at 11:59pm. Minister Monsef has said the government needs to know that there is broad support for change.

Can you join us in making your voice heard? There are three easy ways to submit your views to the committee.

You can […]

The Minister of Democratic Reform is attending tonight’s town hall, hope you can as well!

Dear FairVoting Friends,

The Minister of Democratic Reform, Maryam Monsef will attend tonight’s (Wednesday, 14 September 2016) town hall on electoral reform. She wants to hear from Canadians and in particular Canadians from Waterloo Region about electoral reform. This is our opportunity to engage with Minister Monsef on the need for a fair electoral system. […]

Your Opinion Will Count — Community Dialogues on Electoral Reform

The group spent the evening discussing the questions posed in the ERRE committee handout.

Hello FairVoting Friends,

Tonight, we host our second Community Dialogue at the Queen Street Commons Cafe in Kitchener. The discussion will be written up and the notes will be submitted to the electoral reform committee.

If you can’t make it […]

On Referenda, Consultations, and Postcards

I was quoted in Luisa D’Amato’s column on 28 June 2016:

D’Amato: Despite Brexit, we need a referendum on electoral reform (Mirror):

Bob Jonkman, co-chair of the Waterloo Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada, says there is barely time to put a new system in place, let alone ask people what they think […]