Our Meeting With Raj Saini

Hello Fairvoting Friends,

On Friday afternoon, a group of nine of us meet with Raj Saini, Liberal MP for Kitchener Centre. Nine folks pretty much fills Raj’s office! We presented Raj with this summer’s petition which asked that his party keep their campaign promise and enact legislation to change our electoral system in time for […]

There is a responsible path forward — Electoral Reform

In February, I wrote to my MP (Marwan Tabbara, Liberal) about electoral reform. He replied explaining that the Liberals abandoned their promise because:

1. Their preferred option was a ranked ballot. But they never wanted to lead in that directions because they “would have been accused, not without merit, as acting out of self-interest and […]

More Pictures of the National Day of Action on Electoral Reform, 11 Feb 2017

Pictures from the National Day of Action on Electoral Reform held Saturday, 11 February 2017 at Carl Zehr Square at Kitchener City Hall.

Photos by Laurel L. Russwurm.


Listening to speakers



Sam Nabi

Catherine Fife

Richard Walsh

Perform On Reform




Pictures from the National Day of Action on Electoral Reform

Pictures from the National Day of Action on Electoral Reform held Saturday, 11 February 2017 at Carl Zehr Square at Kitchener City Hall.

Photos by Donald A. Fraser and Laurel L. Russwurm.

Donald Fraser and Byron Weber Becker

Sam Nabi

At the National Day of Action on Electoral Reform

Lulex Lanteigne […]

See You Saturday

Saturday at 1:00pm we’ll be rallying for Electoral Reform in Carl Zehr Square at Kitchener City Hall.

Fair Vote Waterloo folk planning for Electoral Reform

YOU CAN MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT! Some popular hashtags: #NotFineWith39 #PerformOnReform #ChaqueVoteCompte #ERRE #CDNpoli

Hope to #SeeYouSaturday […]

Canadians want Electoral Reform (OpEd, Waterloo Region Record, 10 Feb 2017)

Mirrored from http://www.therecord.com/opinion-story/7123925-canadians-want-electoral-reform/ on 12 February 2017.

10 February 2017

Canadians want electoral reform

Waterloo Region Record By Sharon Sommerville and Bob Jonkman

We would like to thank The Record for responding to the need to engage Canadians in the discussion about electoral reform by devoting a considerable amount of space to the issue this […]

Have you sent the PM a “howler”?

Hello Everyone,

Do you remember what happened when parents sent their children stern letters to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series? Those letters were called “howlers”, they were delivered by owl, dropped on the dining table in front of the student, smoking and screeching.

Yesterday Justin Trudeau reneged on a key campaign promise to deliver […]

Press Release: Liberals Choose Self Interest Over Fairness

Press release sent to local media in Waterloo Region on 2 February 2017


Despite promising Canadians a democracy that is more fair and stronger, yesterday’s announcement by Minister Gould and additional comments by the Prime Minister gave us an unblemished example of political opportunism.

In addition to the disappointment and […]

Liberals Not Interested In Fair Election

Hello Fair Voting Friends,

Today’s announcement by Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould and additional comments by PM Trudeau that electoral reform is no longer on the agenda is disappointing. It is a missed opportunity to build a fairer democracy, it feeds cynicism and draws into question the integrity of the Liberal government. If you […]

Fair Vote Waterloo Discussion Night at Egg Roll King Restaurant, Wednesday, 25 January 2017 at 7:00pm

Fair Vote Waterloo is having the first Discussion Night of the New Year! Join us for an evening of Q&A, political discussion, and figuring out strategies for getting electoral reform in Canada (hint: meet with, write to, or e-mail your MP).

It’s been another interesting month: The cabinet in Canada’s parliament has been shuffled; and […]