Press Release: Liberals Choose Self Interest Over Fairness

Press release sent to local media in Waterloo Region on 2 February 2017


Despite promising Canadians a democracy that is more fair and stronger, yesterday’s announcement by Minister Gould and additional comments by the Prime Minister gave us an unblemished example of political opportunism.

In addition to the disappointment and […]

Liberals Not Interested In Fair Election

Hello Fair Voting Friends,

Today’s announcement by Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould and additional comments by PM Trudeau that electoral reform is no longer on the agenda is disappointing. It is a missed opportunity to build a fairer democracy, it feeds cynicism and draws into question the integrity of the Liberal government. If you […]

Let’s Give Minister Gould Numbers From Waterloo Region

Good Morning and Happy Friday Fair Voting Friends,

Karina Gould, MP for Burlington recently became the Minister of Democratic Institutions. We have sent her a congratulatory letter of welcome and are looking forward to her approach to building a new electoral system for Canada.

As we know, the Liberals are the party of evidence based […]

Reminder: Fair Vote Waterloo Strategy Meeting Tomorrow, 7:00pm, Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Meeting notes now online!


Just a reminder that Fair Vote Waterloo is having a strategy meeting at 7:00pm tomorrow, Wednesday, 11 January 2017 to discuss how we can continue to let our Members of Parliament know that we still want Electoral Reform. Everybody is welcome to attend! You don’t need to be a […]