Let’s Give Minister Gould Numbers From Waterloo Region

Good Morning and Happy Friday Fair Voting Friends,

Karina Gould, MP for Burlington recently became the Minister of Democratic Institutions. We have sent her a congratulatory letter of welcome and are looking forward to her approach to building a new electoral system for Canada.

As we know, the Liberals are the party of evidence based […]

Town Hall Meeting on Electoral Reform in Guelph with Stéphane Dion & Brian Tanguay

Hello Fair Voting Friends,

Next week Frank Valeriote, Liberal MP for Guelph is hosting a town hall meeting on electoral reform. The date is Thursday, October 17th @7pm at Hope House, 75 Norfolk Street in Guelph.

It is an excellent opportunity to hear Brian Tanguay & Stéphane Dion speak on the proportional representation. Brian is […]