Results from the BC referendum on electoral reform

Hello FairVoting Friends,

The results from BC’s referendum were announced this afternoon. Sadly, the outcome is not what we were hoping for; below is a link to a CBC report on the results. Changing our electoral system is long & vital process. Fair Vote Canada will continue to work toward instituting a more fair and […]

Has the electoral reform egg cracked?

Preferential or Ranked Ballot

Good Morning FairVoting Friends,

Last night was a historic evening on three fronts! London, used a ranked ballot to elect its municipal government. A totally amazing moment. Cambridge and Kingston both returned wins (yes, wins!) on their municipal referendum questions to use ranked ballots for future municipal elections.

Using ranked […]

Letter to the Editor: Reply to Paul Wells interview with David Johnston

The recent Macleans of Sept 18 had an interview of David Johnston by Paul Wells.

Based on that interview I sent the following letter to Macleans’ editors.

I have heard nothing from them and suspect they will ignore this letter.

I know it’s not easy to get letters accepted, especially if the editors have a […]

Tonight: PR In The Back Yard with Catherine Fife, NDP MPP for Waterloo

Hello FairVoting Friends,

This evening, 12 August 2016, join Catherine Fife, MPP for Waterloo for a relaxed and informal night of education, discussion & debate on proportional representation.

We hope to see you at 7:00 pm in the back garden of 184 Forsyth Drive in Waterloo later today!

Best regards, Sharon for FVC-WR

What: PR […]

NDP hosts PR in the Back Yard — 12 August 2016

PR in the Back Yard Learn, Discuss & Debate Proportional Representation (PR)

Special Guest Catherine Fife MPP NDP Fair Vote / Leadnow outreach to the local NDP August 12, Friday at 7:00pm 184 Forsyth Drive, Waterloo

A friendly discussion in Don Fraser’s Backyard All are welcome Discussion Circles Presentations Slideshows Q&A

Snacks will be […]

On Referenda, Consultations, and Postcards

I was quoted in Luisa D’Amato’s column on 28 June 2016:

D’Amato: Despite Brexit, we need a referendum on electoral reform (Mirror):

Bob Jonkman, co-chair of the Waterloo Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada, says there is barely time to put a new system in place, let alone ask people what they think […]

Proportional Representation vs. Alternative Vote – Video

On Thursday, 7 April 2016 Fair Vote Waterloo hosted a panel discussion with professors Dennis Pilon and Barry Kay, debating the merits of Proportional Representation and Alternative Vote. The evening was moderated by Diane Freeman.

Proportional Representation vs. Alternative Vote – YouTube

Two of Canada’s leading experts on electoral reform, Prof. Barry Kay (Wilfrid […]

The presentation is ready: Make Every Vote Count

Title slide Make Every Vote Count

At long last, Fair Vote Waterloo’s presentation on Proportional Representation and voting systems is ready!

This presentation, Make Every Vote Count, describes four types of voting systems: First-Past-The-Post and Alternative Vote (both Winner-Take-All systems), and Multi-Member and Mixed Member (both Proportional Representation systems).

Available as:


Audio of Proportional Representation vs. Alternative Vote Panel Discussion

Video is now online!

On Thursday, 7 April 2016 Fair Vote Waterloo held a panel discussion with professors Dennis Pilon and Barry Kay on Proportional Representation vs. Alternative Vote, moderated by Diane Freeman.

Here is the audio of the evening. Video is being edited and will be available in a few weeks.

FairvoteWRC-ProportionalRepresentationvsAlternativeVote-2016-04-07.mp3 (37 […]

The Experts Discuss Proportional Representation vs. Alternative Vote — 7pm, Thursday 7 Apr 2016

Video is now online!

Hello FairVoting Friends,

On Thursday night, 7 April 2016 we have the opportunity to hear two of Canada’s leading experts on electoral systems discuss the electoral system they prefer and why.

Join Prof. Barry Kay (Laurier) and Prof. Dennis Pilon (York) as they talk about Proportional Representation vs. Alternative […]