Canadians want Electoral Reform (OpEd, Waterloo Region Record, 10 Feb 2017)

Mirrored from on 12 February 2017.

10 February 2017

Canadians want electoral reform

Waterloo Region Record By Sharon Sommerville and Bob Jonkman

We would like to thank The Record for responding to the need to engage Canadians in the discussion about electoral reform by devoting a considerable amount of space to the issue this […]

Liberals Not Interested In Fair Election

Hello Fair Voting Friends,

Today’s announcement by Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould and additional comments by PM Trudeau that electoral reform is no longer on the agenda is disappointing. It is a missed opportunity to build a fairer democracy, it feeds cynicism and draws into question the integrity of the Liberal government. If you […]

On Referenda, Consultations, and Postcards

I was quoted in Luisa D’Amato’s column on 28 June 2016:

D’Amato: Despite Brexit, we need a referendum on electoral reform (Mirror):

Bob Jonkman, co-chair of the Waterloo Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada, says there is barely time to put a new system in place, let alone ask people what they think […]