The Election Has Been Called So It’s Game On

BallotHello Fair Voting Friends,

The unofficial election campaign is now official, Parliament has been dissolved, the election is underway and we will go to the polls on Monday, October 19th.

This is going to be the most important election in a generation and it’s expected to be a close one. It is estimated that this election will be won in ten swing ridings and by a few thousand voters in those ridings. Here in Waterloo Region, Kitchener-Centre and Waterloo are swing ridings.

The most important thing each of us can do is to vote and encourage nonvoters of voting age to vote for candidates who support proportional representation. When candidates come to your door, ask them their positions on electoral reform and their commitment to ensuring fair & equitable elections. A government that works for all Canadians starts with a fair electoral system.

FVC-WR will be hosting All Candidates Meetings in all five Waterloo Region ridings. Details on each meeting will be announced soon. Help is always welcome so if you would like to get involved with organizing the All Candidates Meeting in your riding, please be in touch.

FVC will be issuing report cards on each candidate’s position on electoral reform and proportional representation. We will send the report cards out soon as well. They will be helpful as you make a decision on whom to support on October 19th.

Voter ID requirements have changed. Your voter ID card is not longer acceptable ID. Go to the Election Canada web page Everything a Voter Should Know to make sure you are registered to vote and have the correct ID.

Let’s send MPs back to Ottawa who will work to make this the last unfair election.

Best regards, Sharon Sommerville for FVC-WR

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