The home stretch for electoral reform

Sharon Sommerville

Sharon Sommerville

Hello and Happy New Year!,

This month, we are moving into the home stretch for electoral reform. After a very busy and at times controversial summer and fall of MP, ministerial & committee consultations, tabling of the ERRE report and the arrival of the survey, the government recently confirmed that they are on track to introduce legislation on electoral reform in May. This means that when the House re-convenes latter this month, Liberal MPs will be taking action on electoral reform. We have a little over two weeks to convince our four regional Liberal MPs that they should support proportional representation when they talk in caucus or cabinet.

The best tool we have is to talk or write to our respective MPs. It isn’t too late to get an appointment with your MP or if an appointment isn’t possible, write an email or letter. Can you take a few minutes to book an appointment, write an email or letter? Our local Liberal MPs have been resolute in their public neutrality on electoral reform but they will be making this important decision in the coming weeks in caucus and cabinet. This is possibly our last opportunity to let our MPs know that they have a responsibility to honour their campaign promise to make every vote count. Please let them know that fairness, equality, accountability, good governance and local representation are all possible through proportional representation and nothing else will fulfill their promise to make every vote count.

Contact information for all MPs can be found here: Current Members of Parliament | Parliament of Canada

Please let me know if you can help make fair elections a reality in 2019!

All the best in 2017,

for FVC-WR

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