Update on our meeting with Harold Albrecht, Party Nominations & Robocall Town Hall

Good Morning FairVoting Supporters,

There are three things to talk about today: an update on our meeting with Harold Albrecht, party nomination meetings & Sunday’s town hall on the Robocall crisis.

Our Meeting with Harold Albrecht

On Tuesday morning a group of five supporters of voting reform met with Harold Albrecht, MP for Kitchener-Conestoga for 45 minutes. While there was no conversion on the road to Ottawa, we had a courteous, straight forward discussion about ensuring that every vote cast is equal & effective in sending a representative to Ottawa. Harold accepted our petition requesting electoral reform and committed to presenting it to the House of Commons. The key is to keep sending the message to our elected representatives that equal & effective votes is an issue that matters to voters. We can influence our local MP’s by sending the message over & over. If you can email, write, phone or visit. Many thanks to Jean Pellegrini-Cook, David Weber, Laurel Russwurm & Dr. Betsey Daub for the excellent team work during our meeting with Harold.

Party Nomination Meetings

In the lead up to the last unfair election latter this year, all the parties are having nomination meetings in the next 6 – 8 weeks. Nomination meetings may seem dull but they are the bedrock of candidate selection. One of those candidates will go on to become a MP and for the ambitious possibly a cabinet minister, party leader or even prime minister. We want to send as many strong PR supporting MPs as possible to Ottawa so we encourage you to choose your party, become a member & support the candidate that will take the message of voting reform to Ottawa. Membership cut offs are coming up so you have to join soon to be eligible to vote at a nomination meeting. Each riding association for each party has a website which will be the place to start to find out about the candidates and the nomination meeting. Choose you party, join now & support the candidate who most strongly supports PR, what could be more fun!

Town Hall on Robocall Crisis

Fair Vote Guelph presents The Robocall Scandal. A Community Town Hall. An opportunity for voters to discuss the electoral fraud of 2011 and consider community actionThis Sunday the Guelph FVC chapter is hosting a town hall on the Robocall crisis. It promises to be an interesting event as Professor Emeritus Michael Keefer who is completing a book on the Robocall crisis will give the big picture of the crisis, Anna Budra, returning officer for Guelph will give an impact statement, voters who received calls will speak and there will be an overview of the Sona trail. The town hall is this Sunday, 2 – 4 pm at St. James the Apostle Church, 86 Glasgow St. North in Guelph. The poster for the town hall is attached (PDF, 191 kBytes).

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of proportional representation. Working together, 2015 will be our last unfair election.

Kind regards,
Sharon Sommerville
for FVC-WR

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