Vote this weekend using MMP!


Nonviolence Festival

Hello FairVoting Friends,

This weekend FVC -WR will be at Kultrún, the world music festival at Waterloo Square and the Nonviolence Festival on the island at Victoria Park in Kitchener. Both are wonderful festivals.

FVC – WR is doing a demonstration election using MMP with two polling stations, one at each festival!

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The mock election illustrates that PR isn’t complicated or difficult to understand. We had a demonstration election as the Multicultural Festival. People had fun & found MMP to be helpful in solving the problem of liking the candidate but not the party and vis versa. The results from this weekends election will be posted on our website a couple of days after the festivals.

You see the Multicultural Festival Election Simulation Results on our website.

Join us at Kultrun & the Non-Violence Festival to cast your vote using Mixed Member Proportional.

See you soon,
for FVC -WR

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