We Need Your Help To Make Proportional Representation Happen

Meeting Hello Friends of Proportional Representation:

As you know, Justin Trudeau promised to strike an All Party Committee to review all electoral systems including Proportional Representation and using citizen input & expert advice to make a recommendation to Parliament on the best electoral system for Canada. We expect that the committee will begin its work soon. This is an amazing opportunity to see proportional representation in Canada in time for the 2019 election but it will take work to make it happen. And, we need your help.

At the Planning Meeting on Monday, 9 November 2015 twenty four of us met to put an action plan in place for Waterloo Region. We will work with our local MPs to ensure they know that Proportional Representation is important and why, provide education on Proportional Representation to community groups, write letters to newspapers and many other things. And, we need your help.

Whatever you care about: environmental protection, universal health care, social justice, rising inequality, what ever it is, proportional representation is the key to progressive public policy and legislation that serves all.

Could you take a moment to look at the action plan and choose one thing to help with? Even if you only have one hour, it will make a difference. We have exactly one year to take advantage of a once in a generation opportunity to see a fair electoral system in Canada. And, we need your help.

All the best,
Sharon Sommerville
for FVC – WR

Here is the action list:

Action items from meeting 9 November 2015


  • Increase the number of public talks i.e. Student groups, service groups
    • Develop a presentation package to assist presenters
  • With two universities and a community college in our community, host a debate between academics
  • Monthly meetings for discussion of Proportional Representation and social time
    • First meeting being planned between 22 November and 25 November 2015
  • Invite high profile speakers to give talks


  • Monitor and respond on reddit
  • More letters to the editor & Op. Ed. pieces in all local papers
    • Expand letter writing circle
  • Increase retweeting of blogs
  • Contact political reporter for record and pitch a Proportional Representation article & Work with them to get it right
  • Contact radio media, arrange programme on Proportional Representation


  • Indentify senators from ontario & have them read statements in support of Proportional Representation in senate
  • Increase visits to MPs; two types of MP visits:
    • FVC delegation visits to present petitions
    • Indivduals to visit to express why Proportional Representation is important to them


  • Supporters to take petition to friends, neighbours etc. to increase size of petitions being given to MPs

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