Anita Nickerson nominated for Everyday Political Citizen

Anita Nickerson and Shayne Sangster

Anita Nickerson speaks at a rally

The Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter is fortunate to have engaged, passionate people in its membership. In addition to Sharon Sommerville, FairvoteWRC board member Anita Nickerson has also been nominated for Everyday Political Citizen in Kitchener Centre.

…As a member of Fair Vote Canada she re-established the Kitchener-Waterloo chapter, [Anita] was an executive member for three years and has been a member of the National Council since 2011.

Everyday Political Citizen project, 22 August 2013

In January a jury will select one nominee from each electoral district. There are prizes for both the winners and the nominators. Good luck to both our members!

Picture CC-NYCC-BY 4.0 Bob Jonkman.

Sharon Sommerville nominated for Everyday Political Citizen

Sharon Sommerville

Sharon Sommerville

Fair Vote Waterloo Region Chapter co-chair Sharon Sommerville has been nominated for Everyday Political Citizen in recognition for her work in the KW Federal Liberals Association, and, of course, her work here in the Waterloo Chapter of Fair Vote Canada.

Sharon Sommerville, for example is an active director of her riding association as well as being the association’s Outreach committee chair. On top of that she co-chairs Fair Vote Canada’s Waterloo Region, and plans political events in her riding.

Samara Canada, 4 December 2013

Picture retrieved from the Everyday Political Citizen project as Fair Dealing (news reporting).

On Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela (2008)

Nelson Mandela in 2008

Hello Fair Voting Friends,

By now everyone is aware that one the great world figures of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday.

His passing was expected, he had been ill for a while but his passing gives one cause to think of who he was and his enormous legacy. My family & I spoke about him this evening. One of my sons was only vaguely aware of Nelson Mandela and why he is important. It didn’t take much thinking to say his life inspired millions around the world to take up the challenge to fight for social justice. He dedicated his life to working for the end of apartheid because he believed that positive change was possible even in the face of overwhelming odds. His belief in the basic dignity of each and every person inspired hope and action.

There are times when the work to establish a democratic voting system in Canada so all our voices are heard & respected in our Parliament seems impossible. It’s too far away with too many overwhelming obstacles to overcome. And then, there is the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela to remind us to not give up, not give in and to keep working for what one knows to be fair and just.

Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by but tonight, thinking of Nelson Mandela, anything seems possible with enough dedication and hard work. I want to thank all of you who help support the movement toward a fair & equitable electoral system in Canada on which we can build a fair & equitable society for all Canadians.

And, thank you, Nelson Mandela.

Wishing You Well,

for FVC-WR

The picture of Nelson Mandela is licensed under a CC-BYCreative Commons — Attribution 2.0 Generic — CC BY 2.0 license. Attribution: South Africa The Good News /; image retrieved from Wikipedia: Nelson Mandela-2008