Michael Chong & Patrick Boyer to speak on Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hello FairVoting Friends,

FVC-WR is excited to host Michael Chong and Patrick Boyer to discuss the changes that are needed so our federal Parliament can once again represent the interests of Canadians.

Michael is the MP for Wellington-Halton Hills, his private members bill, The Reform Act will be voted on later this month. The Reform Act gives more power to MP’s to hold their party leadership accountable, returns some power to local MP’s from the Prime Minister’s Office and restores local control over party nominations.

Patrick is a lawyer, professor, journalist and former Progressive Conservative MP in Brian Mulroney’s cabinet and a strong advocate of PR. He has written extensively on Canadian politics and government. His most recent work, “Our Scandalous Senate” was published this past spring.

Please hold Sunday, September 14th, 2-4 pm for this important discussion. The event is at the Dr. Alvin Woods Building, Room 2-201 on the Wilfrid Laurier University Campus. Map

Best wishes, Sharon for FVC-WR

Election Simulation Toolkits

At long last, we have put together some zipfiles of the MMPR election simulation toolkit the Waterloo Region Fair Vote Canada chapter has been using at its booth this summer. If you would like to run your own election simulation, you can use our toolkits as is, or modify them according to the terms of the Creative Commons Sharealike license we have used for these toolkits. We hope you find these toolkits useful in educating voters in your area about proportional representation.

Our primary toolkit is split into two parts: one with PDF files and LibreOffice spreadsheets you can use directly, and one with the source files we used to create these PDFs, in case you want to make changes:

We also have a “tiny” version of this toolkit, which features fewer parties and fewer candidates on the ballot. If you expect a small number of voters for your election (fewer than 100) then you might consider using this package:


Other Toolkits

There are several other electoral simulation resources out there. Some are online; others can be printed out and used directly.

Our friends at Fair Vote Yukon ran an election simulation in the summer of 2013. It used a voting system called “Preferential Ridings Proportional”, or PRP. This voting system was developed by people in the Yukon chapter. The ballots for this system are easily adopted for MMPR, however. We have put together the materials the Yukon chapter used here: yukon-prp-electionsim-v03.zip.

During the British Columbia education campaigns, members of the British Columbia Chapter of Fair Vote Canada put together a classroom exercise to demonstrate the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system: http://bguiled.com/BC-STV-Curriculum-complete.htm

Another educator in British Columbia created an online simulation of BC-STV, in which you can simulate the provincial vote under STV: http://bc.demochoice.org/

The site https://modernballots.com/ offers both online and offline tools to run elections using a variation of STV called “Schulze STV”. You can design your own ballot questions using the website.