PM Trudeau in Waterloo Region on Tuesday morning, 25 April 2017

Sharon Sommerville and Byron Weber Becker hold sign "Proportional Representation for a better democracy"

Sharon Sommerville and Byron Weber Becker

Good Morning FairVoting Friends,

PM Trudeau is in Waterloo Region today. Two of us, Evan Rosamond and I took our large PR = Better Governance sign and rallied at two of his pit stops to remind the PM of his broken campaign promise.

We became friendly with the PM’s RCMP security detail as we were all standing around a lot which gave us the opportunity to do a PR 101 with one of the security people.

At the first stop, the PM exited the building, waved and went directly into his vehicle. We managed to yell: “Prime Minister, what happened?” before he got into his vehicle.

At the second stop, it was a longer walk between the car and the entrance. Because the area was open, although we were kept about 20 ft from the PM, he could not have missed our sign, especially since he just saw it. When he entered the building we yelled: “Prime Minister, what about your promise?” When he exited, there was a group of about 15 or so young people looking for selfies and autographs. The PM waded into the group to pose for selfies and sign autographs. To get to his car he had to walk toward us, at which point we yelled: “Any time for policy?” Apparently not, as he waved at us and said, “Thanks for coming out”.

If the chance ever presents itself, impromptu events are worthwhile.

One thing we learned today: security details want to see your hands, no hands in pockets please.


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Steve Dyck to speak about LocalPR on Wed, 12 April 2017 at @FairvoteWRC meeting

MeetingHello FairVoting Friends,

This Wednesday’s (12 April 2017) FVC-WR meeting will have a special guest. Steve Dyck from Democracy Guelph will join us to talk about LocalPR. LocalPR is a made in Canada Proportional Representation model that is generating a lot of interest and endorsements from folks like JP Kingsley and Denis Pilon. Steve has asked that if possible, people check out Make All Votes Count In Canada — for a bit of background before the meeting.

Please Note: There has been a change of location! This Wednesday’s meeting will take place at the home of Donald & Maureen Fraser, 184 Forsyth Drive in Waterloo. Forsyth runs west of Westmount Rd., just south of Economical Insurance. Our thanks to Donald & Maureen for hosting on our meeting on short notice.

Wishing you well,
for FVC-WR

What: Fair Vote Waterloo Spring Strategy meeting
When: Wednesday, 12 April 2017 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Where: Donald and Maureen Fraser’s house
Location: 184 Forsyth Drive, Waterloo, Ontario Map