Discussion Night at 7pm on Wed, 27 Feb 2019

Group discussion Hi everyone: February is a short month, so the last Wednesday of the month has arrived well before I’m ready for it. But our Discussion Night is on!

What: Fair Vote Waterloo Discussion Night
When: Wednesday, 27 February 2019 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm iCal
Where: Community Room, Bread and Roses Co-op
Location: 307 Queen Street South, Kitchener Map

Last month we had a combination Executive and Strategy meeting. If you weren’t able to be there you can read the meeting notes.

And what to discuss? For those of you into Social Media, you may have seen some discussion on Electoral Reform vs. Proportional Representation. While the mandate for Fair Vote Canada is strictly to advocate for proportional representation, there are many other aspects to our electoral system that could stand improvement, eg. term limits, abolishing whipped votes, or reducing the power of the PMO.

As always, if you’re driving please park in the north lot (Map), and place a note in your window:

Meeting in Community Room re Apt 107 from 7-9pm

See you on Wednesday!