2006 AGM

Possible Chapter Activities

Here is a partial list of the activity ideas our chapter generated during the April 2006 AGM of the Waterloo Chapter. They are adopted from meeting minutes taken by Craig Porter.


  • Outreach to organizations (see below)
  • High school/elementary school kits
  • Educate ourselves PR (through talks, study groups…)
  • Send articles to newspapers and other media.
  • Create our own newsletter.
  • Influence local community leaders about PR.
  • Contact the local riding associations and MP/MPP offices (via visits, letters, etc.)
  • Start a petition campaign.
  • Clarify the expectations of a new voting system (keeping in mind that FVC does not endorse any single system).
  • Contact the Citizens’ Assembly (is that allowed?) and research the community input element in the Citizens’ Assembly process.
  • Study election systems in other countries — both good and bad.
  • Send direct mail door-to-door. (This needs money.)
  • Create a resource listing with articles, information, and case studies.
  • Get on local lecture series (e.g. with the KPL)
  • Take organizing to the street: malls, community centres, soup kitchens…

Organizations we can contact

  • Student societies at the university.
  • Political riding associations.
  • Neighbourhood associations.
  • Local schools.
  • Community Centres
  • Unions/Employee Associations