2009 AGM

Fair Vote Canada – Waterloo Region Chapter

Annual General Meeting

Date:       8 June 2009  7:00pm

            Meeting Room, Zehrs Store
            Laurentian Power Centre
            750 Ottawa Street South
            Kitchener, Ontario

Attending:  Angela Yenssen, Oneta “Anita” Nickerson, Bob Jonkman, Shannon Adshade


Call to order

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of 2008 AGM Minutes
  3. Financial Report
  4. Activity Report for 2008
  5. Fair Vote Ontario Update
    Fair Vote Canada Update
  6. Election of Executive
  7. Adjournment


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of Agenda

    Moved by Anita Nickerson, seconded by Bob Jonkman, carried.

  3. Approval of 2008 AGM minutes

    Moved by Shannon Adshade, seconded by Bob Jonkman, carried.

  4. Financial Report

    Delivered by Angela Yenssen:

    • There are not many anticipated expenses for the upcoming year.
    • Accounts will be switched to the new executive by Angela Yenssen, who will stand for Treasurer in 2009 but is stepping down as co-chair of the chapter. The new signing officer will be one of the new co-chairs plus Angela Yenssen
  5. Activity Report
    • Anita Nickerson has been making presentations to various service clubs in the area, eg. the Lions Club.
    1. Fair Vote Ontario update
      • Anita Nickerson attended the Fair Vote Ontario meeting in February: “Moving Forward on Voting Reform in Canada”
    2. Fair Vote Canada update
      • Fair Vote Canada is convening a conference called “Future Directions” in Ottawa on June 13, 2009 to analyze Fair Vote Canada’s strategy and determine a strategy going forward.
  6. Election of Executive

    Willing to stand:

    • Neil Dietrich – Co-chair
    • Angela Yenssen – Treasurer
    • Anita Nickerson – Co-chair and Chapter Representative to Fair Vote Ontario
    • Bob Jonkman – Secretary
    • Donna Reid – Member at Large
    • Shannon Adshade – Member at Large

    Nominees were acclaimed to their positions.

    Other business:

    • Angela Yenssen presented highlights from her Masters Thesis re: Voting Rights in Canadian Court cases.  She will pass on her paper to Larry Gordon of Fair Vote Canada.  A préçis will be published on the Fair Vote Waterloo web page.
    • Shannon Adshade presented his article published in the Cambridge Times.  The full article will be published on the Fair Vote Waterloo web page.
    • Since the Waterloo Chapter will not have a representative at the Future Directions Conference to be held in Ottawa on 13 June 2008, we will ask Larry Gordon for highlights.
  7. Adjournment