2010 AGM

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date: 3 June 2010 at 7:00pm

Location: The Working Centre, 58 Queen St. S., Kitchener, ON


  • Anita Nickerson (Co-chair)
  • Shannon Adshade (Co-chair)
  • Angela Yenssen (Treasurer)
  • Donna Reid (Member At Large)
  • Bob Jonkman (Secretary)
  • Kevin Smith
  • Nina
  • Matt Foster
  • Dave Arthur
  1. Motion to accept minutes of 2009 by Shannon Adshade

    Corrections to 2009 minutes were offered: Motion to accept revised minutes of 2009 by Shannon Adshade, seconded by Bob Jonkman

    Accepted as amended; motion to accept amended minutes carried.

  2. Treasurer’s report was postponed
  3. Old business:

    1. Past Events
      1. Bob Jonkman: Attended Campaign Finance Reform in Toronto
      2. Matt Foster: National AGM, also Campaign Finance
    2. Quebec: Superior Court appealing against First-Past-The-Post. Proceedings may take years.
    3. Encourage people to vote before the October election
    4. Kevin Smith has a list of summer festivals for Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter participation.
  4. Election of Executive:

    1. Moved by Shannon Adshade: To have equal gender representation among co-chairs. Seconded by Bob Jonkman; carried.
    2. Executive acclaimed:
      1. Angela Yenssen – Co-chair
      2. Bob Jonkman – Co-chair
      3. Anita Nickerson – Secretary
      4. Matt Foster – Treasurer
      5. Kevin Smith – Member-at-Large
      6. Shannon Adshade – Member-at-Large
      7. Donna Reid – Member-at-Large
    3. Signing Officers are Angela Yenssen, Matt Foster and Anita Nickerson
  5. Treasurer’s Report:

    Treasurer’s Reports are not posted online. The Treasurer can provide reports to members on request

  6. Upcoming Events:

    1. Multiple events: Anita, Bob, Shannon, Kevin
      1. Hold mock elections? No, but provide results from past elections
      2. Mock elections at workshop event
      3. Have something available for the kids
    2. T-shirts for Fair Vote events. Get from Fair Vote Canada, buy from Treasury funds. To buy 10 T-shirts; pending at cost. Request pre-order on mailing list. Pick up at Multicultural event. Bob will contact Larry Gordon
    3. Bob Jonkman will be the Fair Vote Ontario representative
    4. Make available literature at Non-Violence Festival
    5. Have presence at Mill Race Festival in Cambridge (Civic Holiday weekend)
    6. Doors Open event – partner with another organization
    7. Uptown Jazz Festival
    8. Busker’s Festival – expensive! Booth/table costs $250-$500
    9. Cambridge Fall Fair- after Labour Day weekend
  7. New Business:

    1. What can be done to increase interest?
      Like CAPP events.
    2. There was discussion regarding concerns about privacy, identity and commercial social networks (ie. online services such as Facebook, Twitter)
      Use existing networks of members and executive
    3. Matt Foster made a presentation on “Political Ideology: The Movement from Left to Right”
      1. First-Past-The-Post leads to movement to the right
      2. Proportional Representation allows electorate to pull back to the left; no such mechanism exists with FPTP
      3. Read “The Spirit Level” by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson
  8. Adjournment