2011 AGM

Annual General Meeting

held 27 June 2011 7:00pm

Misty Mountain Coffee Company

33 Queen St. S., Kitchener, ON


  • Anita Nickerson
  • Matt Foster
  • Marcus Porter
  • Aden Seaman
  • Susan
  • Sharon Sommerville
  • Sean O’Seasnain
  • Bob Jonkman
  • Shannon Adshade
  • Scott Piatkowski


  • Angela Yenssen
  • Donna Reid
  • Vern Bowman
  1. Introductions:

    1. Welcome to members, new and returning

  2. Acceptance of minutes of 2010 AGM

    1. There was discussion of the events planned for 2010-2011

    2. Discussion of 2010 Treasurer’s Report

    3. Motion to accept minutes: Bob Jonkman, seconded Anita Nickerson, passed.

  3. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Available in Attachment

    2. Discussion of discrepancy in balance from 2010 Treasurer’s Report

    3. Request that the Treasurer investigate the discrepancy in balance from 2010 Treasurer’s Report

    4. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, with investigation: Bob Jonkman, seconded Shannon Adshade, passed.

  4. Old Business

    1. Review of Newsletter for past events:

      1. Information tables at fairs

      2. Information sessions at schools

      3. Much work done by Anita Nickerson: Information events, debates, pamphlets, shool sessions.

    2. Anita Nickerson has been elected to Fair Vote Canada National Council

      1. After 10 years, Fair Vote Canada is getting better organized

      2. Creating a database for names collected on Declaration of Voter’s Rights

      3. New National Council President will concentrate on fundraising

      4. National Council held discussions on multipartisan nature of Fair Vote Canada

      5. National Council discussed the alienation of politically “right-wing” organizations

        1. …gives impression that FVC is a “left-wing” organization.

      6. Democracy Week endorsed by FVC:

        1. 12-18 September 2011

        2. 15 September 2011 is United Nations International Day of Democracy

        3. Sean O’Seasnain suggested contacting the Local Democracy group from The Working Centre

          1. Contact Joe Mancini and Ken Westheus

          2. Have participants from Local Democracy course attend Democracy Week events

      7. National Council is concerned about Alternative Vote campaigns

        1. It is a ranked ballot…

        2. ..but winner takes all (ie. Not proportional)

        3. Gives the same results as First Past The Post 94% of the time

        4. There is a “No to AV” web site

        5. Someone noted that Britain recently defeated Alternative Vote

    3. Social Media

      1. Bob Jonkman has privacy concerns for Facebook participation

      2. Sam Nabi is now managing the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter page on Facebook

      3. Fair Vote Canada has a good presence on Facebook

      4. There are other political groups with good presence on Facebook

      5. Bob Jonkman is managing Identi.ca and Twitter accounts @fairvotewrc and will provide the passwords to anyone who wants to contribute.

    4. Other discussion:

      1. Sharon Sommerville has a meeting planned with Peter Braid

        1. Sean O’Seasnain visited Peter Braid too, has been passing out literature and sending e-mail messages

        2. Sharon is keeping Peter Braid informed, keeping him aware of the 60% “minority”

      2. Marcus Potter will be active in “Get Out The Vote” to the community; active in social issues.

      3. People need education to make informed choices, whether or not those choices match our political views.

      4. Democracy Week gives focus on Fair Vote issues, every year.

      5. There has been a change in public knowledge about voting, helped by pamphlets, education

      6. Sean O’Seasnain read a web site comment about “con-bots” and sock puppets, warning that these are disinformation campaigns by those with opposing views.

  5. Election of Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter Executive

    1. The following people offered to stand for election to the Executive:

      1. Shannon Adshade

      2. Matt Foster

      3. Anita Nickerson

      4. Bob Jonkman

      5. Kevin Smith

      6. Sharon Sommerville

      7. Aden Seaman

    2. Since there are only 7 nominees, they are acclaimed to the Executive

    3. The Executive chose the following positions among themselves:

      1. The Co-chairs will be Sharon Sommerville and Bob Jonkman

      2. Treasurer is Matt Foster

      3. Secretary is Anita Nickerson

      4. Members-At-Large are Shannon Adshade, Kevin Smith and Aden Seaman.

  6. Upcoming Events and Initiatives:

    1. Democracy Week On Campus

      1. Marcus Potter will join Sam Nabi

      2. Get as many community groups to participate in Democracy Week as possible:

      3. FVC National Council asks us to invite “right-wing” groups before “left-wing” groups

      4. Anita has already contacted the Chamber of Commerce

      5. Scott Piatkowski will provide contact info for Erwin Ginsler of the Rotary Club

      6. Professor Dennis Pilon: Ask him to do a workshop

      7. Fundraiser for court case in Quebec (http://www.ardd.qc.ca/)

      8. Rick Mercer has been contacted, but he doesn’t do political work

      9. Steve Pattison – too expensive

      10. George Strombolopoulos?

      11. “The Debaters” take suggestions for show topics

      12. Event in Waterloo Square

      13. Democracy Cafe

      14. OpEd for the Record (Sean Geobey?)

      15. Radio Call-in shows (Peter Davis?)

      16. There is a youth component to Municipal Government, eg. Kitchener Council (but their youth are not allowed to participate in political events)

      17. “Better Ballot Initiative” by Dave Meslin in Toronto (Alternative Vote?)

      18. “Lead Now” – to get young people involved in politics

        1. They held focus groups and provided information to help people vote knowledgeably

        2. It didn’t work under First Past The Post

        3. Get a “Lead Now” speaker to speak on campus?

        4. They will advertise Democracy Week events on their mailing list

      19. Steve Paikin, “The Agenda” has held two politically oriented shows in Waterloo Region over the last year

      20. CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation) have many events planned during Democracy Week, perhaps these can be promoted as part of DW.

    2. Local (Municipal) Reform:

      1. Aden Seaman and Sean Geobey are working on Local Reform

      2. Proportional Representation at municipal elections

      3. STV works well (no parties)

      4. Block votes are worse than First Past The Post

      5. STV requires merging wards (although some municipalities already have multiple councillors per ward)

      6. Ranked voting requires change to the Municipal Act by the provincial government

      7. Need to convince local government and school boards to allow ranked voting

      8. Get companies and organizations to use ranked voting in their elections

    3. Future Events:

      1. Continue to work with CAPP

      2. Non-Violence Festival

      3. other events:

        1. “Speak Up, Speak Out”

        2. Tri-Pride, held in May (KW, Cambridge, Guelph)

        3. Kevin Smith says: “Plug in where the passions are”

        4. connect with people’s issues

      4. September event: Panel discussion with NDP candidate Peter Thurley, a Green Party candidate, and independent candidate Richard Walsh-Bowers: “Whatcha gonna do?” How the opposition parties will work towards proportional representation in the current parliament.

      5. Op-Ed article in September

      6. in November or January get a feature article on Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter in the local papers

      7. Bryn Ossington is Executive President of the Wilfrid Laurier newspaper; he says to get an article in the paper you have to make the issue “sound sexy”

      8. The Echo has writers for opinion pieces

      9. Write an example article for the papers, 4 to 5 weeks in advance of publication date

      10. Issue press releases, which often are quoted verbatim

      11. Anita Nickerson needs help finding new topics and speakers for the Participate! Series

      12. Multiculturalism groups?

      13. Events related to issues that appeal to the CAPP anti-prorogue people

      14. Hold a Democracy Fair at Waterloo Square during Democracy Week

      15. Check with WPIRG (Aden Seaman)

      16. Check with Habitat for Humanity

  7. Other business:

    1. Bob Jonkman will be the representative to Fair Vote Ontario

  8. Adjournment

    1. Motion by Bob Jonkman; seconded by Sean O’Seasnain, passed.