2012 AGM

Minutes of the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region AGM

June 7, 2012


  • Mary
  • David
  • Kevin
  • Jenn
  • Sean
  • Aden
  • David
  • Aden
  • Bob
  • Byron
  • Anita
  • Sharon
  • Laurel


  • Matt
  1. Motion to approve last year’s minutes: Made by Bob, seconded by Sean. Carried.

  2. Treasurer’s Report (sent by Matt Foster)
    • Treasurer’s Reports are not published online; please contact the Treasurer or Secretary to get a copy of the Treasurer’s Report.
    • Discussion about fundraising. Sean is going to looking into raising money for us.
    • Motion to adopt Treasurer’s report: Made by Jenn, seconded by Mary. Carried.
  3. Review of Past Year

    • Very active year: Lots of events during Democracy Week, People’s Summit, Menocracy showing, Dennis Pilon, Women in Politics. We were at the summer festivals and will be again this year.
    • Anita and Sharon doing high school presentations at St. Mary’s. Looking for new presenters. Byron and David interested in starting in the fall. David to help get more teacher contacts.
    • A group of six from Waterloo attended the Fair Vote Canada AGM and Convention. Lots of energy, probably record attendance, great panels and workshops, hope from Mr. Dion that Liberals can move their policy away from AV and onto some kind of PR.
  4. Election to Executive Positions

    New executive was elected by acclamation as follows:

    • Sharon: Co-chair
    • Shannon: Co-chair
    • Aden: Treasurer
    • Kevin: Secretary
    • Sean: Member at Large
    • Jenn: Member at Large
    • Mary: Member at Large

    Matt Foster and Anita Nickerson to be removed from bank account. New signing authority for cheques to go to Aden Seaman and Sharon Sommerville. Aden and Sharon to go to credit union to sign on this week.

  5. Fair Vote Canada National Update

    • Anita reported FVC is moving in a new direction focused on mobilizing people to participate in visible actions in communities, creating local action teams that will not replace but compliment chapters, and focusing on a strategy which will include strategic partnerships with allied groups who can communicate the need for PR to their audience and help us win PR federally in 2015.
    • Anita noted FVC now has many project teams any supporter can sign up for at fairvote.ca/action
    • A voting systems ed group has developed a lesson plan for teachers to use in classrooms (civics) and volunteers to deliver as guest speakers. The plan is to train volunteers. Applications have been made to present at teacher’s associations in Ontario and Manitoba.
    • Fair Vote Canada is starting a petition that can be presented in the House of Commons. The first action will be on Canada Day, when we will be calling on supporters to register to get at least 25 people to sign in their riding. We will be keeping track of the number of signatures and number of participating ridings on the web site.
  6. Democracy Week

    • Sharon has sent out many invitations now for the Democracy Fair on September 16 in Waterloo Square – awaiting confirmations and will follow up.
    • Sharon met with Shannon Pennington at WLU. Shannon is starting a civics engagement policy at WLU and FVC may be able to be a partner. They may have a “meet and greet” event with the candidates during the provincial by-election in KW that FVC can participate in.
    • Citizens for Cross Party Cooperation will be organizing a Cooperate for Canaa Canada event for Democracy Week
    • FVC Nationally will be organizing an action across Canada during Democracy Week – Anita can coordinate this in KW
  7. Other Business

    • Sharon would like to start a FVC library. Motion by Sean. Seconded by Bob. Carried.
    • Bob suggested we have a table at Afrofest
    • Sean suggested we have a table at Latinfest
    • Sharon passed around a sign up sheet for the Multicultural Festival and Non-Violence Festival
    • Sharon has ordered t-shirts and hats
    • Anita made a plea to tell Wayne Smith to buy smaller t-shirts for smaller people
    • Aden will take over the online jobs (like managing our page on the FVC site) from Bob
    • Anita noted that FVC will soon have a brand new website thanks to Kelsey Wagner
    • Byron noted that he send over 300 letters for Cooperate for Canada to Liberal MPs, Exec and Riding Associations asking them to endorse cooperation and PR – shared some of the responses. He will repeat for NDP. (Note: Cooperate for Canada is not endorsed by FVC but their responses about cooperation and PR are of interest to us).