2012 Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada K-W Chapter Meeting

February 23, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:05

Attendance: Sean, Rick, Clay, Jenn, Mary, Alisa, Bob

Regrets: Anita, Shannon

  1. Alisa McClurg from TransitionsKW

    proposes to partner with Fair Vote K-W to hold a Democracy Café about the internet. She also contacted OpenMedia and CPPIC from Ottawa. Panelists could include Stephen Bradley Scott, Alisa, Bob. It was suggested for sometime in May. See www.transitionskw.ca. Motion carried in support of partnership.

  2. Democracy Week

    September 15th is a Saturday this year. Waterloo Square is booked for the 16th (the 15th was already booked up). Will try Kitchener City Hall for the 15th. It was determined more partnerships and less events by Fair Vote this year since we are starting earlier and it was too much last year. Partners could include the Occupy K-W group, TransitionsKW, Zonta, The Zeitgeist Movement, Dollars and Sense, Our Community Dollar program, Citizens for Cross-Party Cooperation, Multi-Cultural association. Also if the Albrecht’s would like to do a movie night. Fair on the Square for the 16th — a Democracy Marketplace. We can see if we can get a group like the Tralala’s who sing a capella. Rick, Sean and Sharon will lead Dem Week organizing/coordinating.

  3. Women in Politics

    Event for sometime the first two weeks of April. Angela Vieth and Karen Redman have confirmed their attendance as panelists. The Legislature is sitting those weeks, and so Liz Witmer can’t come. But perhaps if the event was on a weekend she could. Leanne Pendergast is also busy during those two weeks, she is going away. Cathy McLellan would be a good person to ask.

  4. Festivals

    We discussed the various festivals and our presence at them. They included the Multicultural Festival, the Non-Violence Festival, The Word on the Street, Oktoberfest, The Blues Festival, and others. The discussion was interrupted by three youngish people, who stopped by to express their gratitude and support of all we do. They couldn’t stay, but did want to let us know our efforts are appreciated. Returning to our discussion after the very welcome break, everyone made a commitment to come out for shifts behind the table at the festivals.

  5. Electoral Reform

    Sharon went to Carolyn Bennett’s town hall on electoral reform. Panelists included Stephane Dion and our own Wayne Smith. There is a video of Stephane’s comments on multi-member ridings! Www.vimeo.com/37146308 Sharon asked Stephane to come to Kitchener-Waterloo to discuss this again and he agreed! She will try to arrange it for Democracy Week.

  6. Cooperate for Canada

    Jenn gave an FYI only of an event held last week. Matthew Carroll of Leadnow was joined by an NDPer, a Liberal and a Green. The discussion regarded running joint candidates in 15% of the ridings, to form a government which reflects the common values shared by the majority and with a firm commitment to action on electoral reform so we need never do this again. About 80 people attended, and a great discussion was had. If anyone is interested in signing Leadnow’s petition, http://www.leadnow.ca/cooperation or they could sign up to the local group, http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/citizensforcrosspartycooperationKW

  7. Denis Pillon

    A reminder of the event featuring Denis Pillon on March 22 at the Hallman School of Social Work. Do plan to attend because we are lucky to get him.

  8. AGM

    We will schedule the AGM for Thursday, June 7, 2012. Matt Foster is not running again as Treasurer, so please consider taking on this role. Also, Bob will not be running again for the executive. He will be sorely missed. The DemWeek list at sobac will be taken down and the Democracy Week discussions can be held on the regular discussion list.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30