2013 AGM

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

Annual General Meeting held 25 June 2013, 7:00pm

Location: Misty Mountain Coffee, 33 Queen St. S., Kitchener, Ontario


  • Sharon Sommerville (Co-Chair)
  • Shannon Adshade (Co-Chair)
  • Aden Seaman (Treasurer)
  • Jennifer Ross (Member-At-Large)
  • Mary Jackes (Member-At-Large)
  • Dave Lubell
  • Bob Jonkman
  • Brian Tanguay
  • Emma Wilson
  • Anita Nickerson
  • — Arthur (?)


  • Kevin Smith (Secretary)
  • Sean Haberlin (Member-At-Large)

Agenda: (to be attached)

  1. Adoption of 2012 Minutes
    • Spelling correction section 6, 3rd point: “Canada”
  2. Statement from Chair (to be attached)
    • Attended community events
    • We’ve reached the limit of capacity for volunteers
    • Made other presentations, eg. Kiwanis, St. Mary’s School
    • Petition
      Collected 120 names
    • Presented to Peter Braid (see YouTube:
    • Robocall presentation by Jim Harris
    • Social Planning Council – Brian Tanguay and Trish Hennessey
      Request to do this again; Anita Nickerson is looking for a topic
    • Screening of “Whipped” with Sean Holman, Karen Redman, Larry Aberle, and Kathy MacLellan
      Media coverage boosted attendance at this event
    • Democracy Week: Letter writing, Electoral Reform 101, Pub Night, Democracy Fair (with Open Streets and Cooperate for Canada)
    • Screening of “Boogie Man” with KWFLA
    • All-Candidates meeting for By-Election
    • Two other Pub Nights
    • New ideas? Deferred to “New Business”
    • Finding accessible, inexpensive space is difficult
    • Purchased a tent with proceeds from “Whipped”
    • Thanks to the Board for funding “Whipped”
  3. Old Business
    • None arising from 2012 AGM minutes
    • None raised by the floor
    • National Council
      • Project teams are informal
      • New chapters and teams are forming
    • Suggestion for future events: Hang the Fair Vote banner from the new tent for better visibility
    • Perhaps purchase a new (additional) banner
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    • See attached report
    • Aden Seaman fixed some minor issues with the banking account and banking procedures, ie. Dual signatories
    • Accounts have been set up with accounting software “GNUCash”
  5. Executive Elections
    • Kevin Smith has declared he will stand for re-election
    • Six other people volunteered to serve on the Executive
    • The Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter Exective for 2013-2014 was elected by acclamation:
      • Sharon Sommerville (Co-Chair)
      • Shannon Adshade (Co-Chair)
      • Aden Seaman (Treasurer)
      • Kevin Smith (Secretary)
      • Mary Jackes (Member-At-Large)
      • Brian Tanguay (Member-At-Large)
      • Anita Nickerson (Member-At-Large)
    • Jenn Ross requests to remain on the Executive mailing list (waterlooregion@fairvote.ca)
      • Moved by Dave Lubell
      • Seconded by Shannon Adshade
      • Passed.
  6. New Business
    • Bylaw amendment proposed by Bob Jonkman

      To provide continuity on the Executive, the positions for Co-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer should be two-year terms, with one Co-Chair and Secretary alternating with the other Co-Chair and Treasurer. Members-At-Large would continue to serve one-year terms.
      Note that voting procedures for electing the Executive may need to be modified to accomodate a pool of two-year candidates and a pool of one-year candidates.

    • By-Law amendment proposed by Jenn Ross

      That the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter adopt the Conflict of Interest guidelines of the National Office
      Anita Nickerson will obtain the wording from the National Office

    • These amendments can be introduced, voted on, and adopted at a Special General Meeting, to be held on Sunday, 15 September 2013 in conjuction with Democracy Day activities
    • Rally and March and Pub Night from Waterloo Public Square to Kitchener City Hall on 15 September 2013 (International Day of Democracy)
      • have placards or banners
      • have a well-known speaker at the rally
      • generate media interest
      • partner with NDP & Craig Scott?
    • Event ideas
      • Who has the fairer system: Canada, United States, or Germany?
      • Greater Government Accountability
      • DVD rentals for “Whipped”
        We will charge for shipping, but not to raise a profit
    • Mailing List
      Aden Seaman looks after the mailing lists
    • The Waterloo Region web site is no longer on the national site.
    • National Council update by Anita Nickerson (report to be attached)
      • New web site created for $2500
        Please send feedback on the new site to Anita
        Sharon was looking for “Guides to Electoral Systems”, Anita will investigate.
      • Paid advertising campaign on The Tyee
        Results of this campaign to be announced later
        National Office also received a free poll, and was covered in an article
      • Planning Democracy Week on Parliament Hill
      • Campaign to increase signatures on the Declaration of Voters Rights
      • Article in the Teachers’ Federation publication “Voice”
      • Position Papers: PR with other issues, eg. Bruce Cox and Greenpeace
    • Waterloo Region Chapter web site
      Aden Seaman will host
      Chapter will purchase a domain name
    • Mailing list: Send a “Welcome” message to new subscribers, linking to the Web site
  7. Announcements
    Some personal announcements were made:
    Aden Seaman is a new father!
  8. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Minutes taken by Bob Jonkman.