2013 Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada – Waterloo Chapter Meeting

Feb 28, 2013, 7pm, Misty Mountain Cafe

Present: Kevin, Sharon, Anita, David, Jen, Mary, Dave W.

  1. Event Review and Updates
    • robocalls talk with Jim Harris – not his best talk, but great media coverage, and lots of letters to the editor.
    • Joyce Murray reception at Duke of Wellington – small event, rather noisy
      • accessibility, privacy, and affordability are factors for events
    • What Drives Your Commitment – great model for networking, but publicity could be better
    • Andrew Coyne event (with Cooperate for Canada chapter) – offering Andrew transport from Toronto and door receipts
    • other event ideas:
      • invite Stephen Harper to speak about his passion for Proportional Representation
      • people on each corner of a major intersection holding large banners (with flyers and petition also)
      • Santa Claus parade (great visibility, but probably not allowed to participate)
  2. Presentations
    • David Arthur spoke at Cambridge North Rotary
    • Sean Haberlain spoke at Elmira Kiwanis
    • Anita Nickerson spoke at Renison College
    • Dave Arthur and Cameron Dearlove presenting at St. Mary’s Grade 10 civics class
  3. National update (Anita)
    • Deadline to sign up as Liberal supporter for leadership vote is March 3 – must sign up as supporter, AND register to vote!
    • FVC Video contest – prize is $600 and the warm fuzzy feeling of doing the right thing
    • Getting feedback on a new name for the 2015 campaign
    • A new modern website is coming!
  4. Festival Season
    • will be there for Nonviolence Festival and Open Streets
    • looking into Cherry Festival
    • Global Citizenship Conference at Laurier this weekend – will try to get a table
  5. Membership Drive
    • we have a revenue sharing agreement with the national organization
    • we keep first year of membership and any donation made with it
    • for monthly donors, we get the first three months of the year’s donation
    • need to coordinate fundraising with national office
  6. Chapter AGM
    • looking at Wed. June 26, 7pm – location TBD – possibly the Working Centre
  7. Democracy Day
    • last year: had many great events that were not well-attended
    • proposal for this year: Sept. 15 – decided on rally outside Braid’s office (more visible than Woodworth’s)
    • hand out flyers
    • no to potluck picnic; yes to hanging at the Huether after
  8. Pub Night in March
    • Went to Ethel’s last time — noisy
    • Try Duke of Wellington this time – better than Ethel’s
  9. Letter Writing Circle
    • need people to write letters to the editor, and people to submit them
    • each person can only submit so many
    • region is going to be represented by a new riding – good time to talk about representation
  10. Adjourned (8pm)