2014 Executive Meeting


Board Meeting

FairVote Canada — Waterloo Retion


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Report from Treasurer
  3. Report from Co-ordinator:
    • CETA talk update
    • Tragedy in the Commons — Alison Loat to speak
    • Patrick Boyer to speak?
    • Presentations at Grand River, St. Mary’s, Laurier X2
    • Meeting with James Howard, President of APSS
    • Two copies of Whipped now available
    • Co-sponsored/sponsoring 3 events
      • Connect (Leadnow initiative) with TransitionKW & Social Planning Council of KW
      • Media Panel on March 25th for FEA
      • Town Hall with Brian Tanguay & Michael Chong, with FVC-Guelph on April 6th
  4. Report from National — news from Anita Nickerson
  5. Summer Festivals: Afrofest — $60 / LatinFest (Kultrum) July 11/12th
  6. Petitions: small or large?
  7. Action Team vs. Chapter?
  8. Leadnow Day of Action — March 25th rally
  9. Democracy Day/Week ideas: Chong event?
  10. What else?
    • New ideas
    • Things to share


Executive Board Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

18 March 2014 7:00pm, Huether Hotel, Lion’s Pub


  • Sharon Sommerville (Co-chair)
  • Shannon Adshade (Co-chair)
  • Aden Seaman (Treasurer)
  • Brian Tanguay (Member-at-large)


  • Kevin Smith (Secretary)
  • Anita Nickerson (Member-at-large)
  • Mary Jackes (Member-at-large)


  • Alan Gross
  • Jennifer Ross
  • Harold Remus
  • James Howard
  • Bob Jonkman
  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Sharon Sommerville welcomed everyone, everyone introduced themselves
  2. Report from Treasurer
    • Aden Seaman reports the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter is solvent
    • There will be upcoming expenses for tables/booths at summer festivals
    • Fundraisers – “Stephen Harper, The Musical” was very successful

    (note: I’m reluctant to make public FVCWRC’s financial statements; the Treasurer can provide reports to members on request.)

  3. Co-ordinator’s Report by Sharon Sommerville
    • CETA talk on 1 May 2014 at the Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work
    • Stuart Trew from the Council of Canadians is confirmed
    • Stephen Woodworth has been invited, but he needs permission to leave the House while it’s in session
    • Alison Loat, Executive Director of Samara Canada, author of “Tragedy of the Commons” invited to speak
    • Patrick Boyer, member of the Fair Vote Canada National Council and former MP in the Mulroney era invited to speak
    • Presentations were made to Grand River, St. Mary’s, and the Wilfrid Laurier University Young NDPs
    • James Howard spoke about APSS, the Association of Political Science Students at Wilfrid Laurier University; there are opportunities for collaboration with FairVoteWRC
    • Two copies of the “Whipped” DVD are available. Bob Jonkman will put this information on the Web site. There was interest from people at the meeting to borrow it for their groups.
    • Past event: “ConnectKW”, successful
    • Media Panel — in response to the letter from five academics about the “Fair Elections Act”. This is not intended as a public meeting, but information for the press. (to be held 25 March 2014, location TBD)
    • 6 April 2014 — Town Hall meeting in Guelph; Sharon to send an e-mail to the mailing list to organize a carpool.
  4. Report from the National Council – unavailable
    • We wish Anita and Larry all the best with their new business “Europe Pizza” (King and Borealis)
  5. Festivals
    • Afrofest costs $60 for a table
      • There are not many Canadian Citizens that attend, so not the best use of funds to carry a message of Electoral Reform to voters
    • Latin Fest costs $250 for a table
      • There may be a lower fee for non-profit/community groups
      • “Kultrum” is the new name
      • We won’t participate at $250, maybe at $100
    • Bob Jonkman volunteers to organize a table at the Non-Violence Festival (same day as Kultrum)
    • Multicultural Festival costs $40
      • FairVoteWRC has received an invitation to participate
    • APSS will borrow the tent and banner for their orientation booth
  6. Petitions
    • Kirsty Duncan MP suggests that many small petitions of 25 signatures each are more effective, as the Member of Parliament stands and speaks to present each one
    • FairVoteWRC will send a smaller petition to each MP (four now, five after redistricting) every year. Sending a petition more often may annoy the MPs and not be presented in the House, but submitted to the Speaker, or not be presented at all.
    • Bob Jonkman will put the petition documents on the Web site.
  7. Action Team vs. Chapter
    • There is concern about the transfer of assets clause in the Chapter Agreement document.
    • The Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter Board of Executives votes to delay signing this document until we have clarification from June MacDonald of the Toronto Chapter/Action Group
    • We may modify the Chapter Agreement to strike the transfer of assets clause before signing.
  8. Leadnow Day of Action
    • There will be a rally on 25 March 2014
    • Bob Jonkman will post details on the Web site calendar
  9. Democracy Day/Week
    • Democracy Day is 15 September 2014
    • There will be a Municipal Election in October; we should host “Politics on the Patio/in the Pub” with all candidates
    • Re-do the Town Hall talk with Michael Chong?
    • We will hold a Democracy Week organizational meeting at the end of April, beginning May
  10. Other Business
    • Harold Remus requested an information session on Coalitions – are they being addressed? Mainstream Media seems to be opposed to coalitions. Suggested speakers: Peter Russell, Helen Forsey

Minutes taken by Bob Jonkman