2015 AGM

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

Annual General Meeting held 25 June 2015

Location: Ricky’s All Day Grill, 751 Victoria Street South, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Present: Kevin Smith, Jennifer Ross, Bob Jonkman, Shannon Adshade, Mary Jackes, David Lubell, Aden Seaman, Sharon Sommerville.

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of agenda
    • two typos
    • moved by Shannon Adshade, seconded by Mary Jackes
  3. Approval of minutes
    • 2013 minutes approval – moved by ?? seconded by Bob Jonkman
    • Bob Jonkman would like to see full names in minutes
    • Ewb other person is Celeste ??
    • moved by Jennifer Ross, seconded by Shannon Adshade to approve
  4. Treasurer’s Report – presented by Aden Seaman
    • See attached report
    • we no longer get interest on our account.
    • we will check with the Credit Union
    • thanks to Aden Seaman for donating his server and paying for the domain name
    • moved by Bob Jonkman, seconded by Jennifer Ross to accept the Treasurer’s Report
  5. Coordinator’s Report
    • many letters to the editor
    • hosted Michael Chong, Patrick Boyer, Michael Harris.
    • fundraising event for movie about voter suppression
    • met with MPs – Harold Albrecht concerned with our promotion of robocalls events.
    • also hoping to meet with MPPs
    • Looking for more social media – Twitter going well
    • our Facebook account was shut down – not a real name
    • thank you Bob Jonkman, Laurel Russwurm, and Anita Nickerson for their social media work
    • need to work on look of website; can we copy Vancouver’s wordpress?
    • national website can use some work
    • thanks to Paul Nijjar for developing the mock MMP elections – really helps people to understand
    • moved by Bob Jonkman, seconded by Shannon Adshade to approve
  6. Fair Vote Canada report
    • not doing lawn signs for election
    • multi partisan, has STV and MMP supporters
  7. Fair Vote Ontario
    • municipal act is changing – the government is looking for more input
    • talking about separating single vs multi member, and ranked ballots in referenda
    • full ranking, or choose number to rank
    • congrats to Jennifer Ross for becoming a national board member, and thanks for her efforts.
  8. Election of Executive
    • Sharon Sommerville and Bob Jonkman – co-chairs
    • Aden Seaman – treasurer
    • Kevin Smith – secretary
    • Shannon Adshade and Jennifer Ross – at large
  9. Constitutional Amendment
    • need 10 for quorum – deferred
    • Hope to get more out during election pub night
    • discussed briefly
  10. Election Planning
    • proposal: multi-partisan team to educate candidates
    • too much work
    • proposal: meet and greet in every riding, educate candidates about PR
    • agreed
    • should do this before writ
    • proposal: lawn signs
    • $14 for plastic signs
    • car share got them for $4
    • big signs at intersections may be better
    • encourage people to vote
    • have ideas? E-mail us!
  11. New Business
    • E-mail spam issues – when spammers spam our executive list, we resend it, and so we get blacklisted. Recipients will need to complain to IT. The Barricuda software (which Laurier uses) is notoriously bad for blocking legitimate addresses.
      Aden Seaman and Bob Jonkman will discuss other technical issues around our server.
    • Liberals have shifted position on PR — they are open to it now.
    • Michael Chong’s reform act has been passed!
  12. Motion to adjourn by Sharon Sommerville, seconded by David Lubell.

Minutes taken by Kevin Smith