2016 AGM

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

Annual General Meeting held 27 June 2016, 6:00pm

Location: Angel’s Diner, 751 Victoria St. S., Kitchener, ON

Present: Bob Jonkman, Josh Morel, Laurel Russwurm, Kevin Smith, Jennifer Ross, Evan Rosamond, Aden Seaman, Donald Fraser, David Dirks, Sharon Sommerville, Cathe Campbell, Stuart Ross, Sean Haberlin, Marion (Mo) Markham, Shannon Adshade.

  1. Review minutes from 2015 AGM
    – deferred until later – all in favour

  2. Statement from the Chair
    – to be attached
    – very busy and very hopeful year!
    – upcoming: Catherine Fife – Aug 12
    – please visit your MP

  3. Old business
    – business cards for giving more information
    – contact info for Aden
    – link to our chapter’s resources

  4. Financial statement
    – highest income and expenses yet
    – spent on educational resources, venues, and lawn signs

  5. By-law amendment

    Positions of co-chair, secretary, and treasurer of the chapter be two-year
    terms – moved by Bob Jonkman, seconded by Stuart Ross. All in favour.

  6. Election of executive

    Standing for executive: Sharon Sommerville, Bob Jonkman, Shannon Adshade,
    Aden Seaman, Mo Markham, Donald Fraser, Kevin Smith

    Co-chairs: Bob Jonkman, Sharon Sommerville
    Secretary: Kevin Smith
    Treasurer: Aden Seaman

  7. New business

    – Dave Meslin is willing to give a talk about having STV at the municipal
    level – opposed. There were concerns because of Dave Meslin’s history with
    the Fair Vote Canada organization.

    – Sean Haberlin approached Catherine Fife about having PR in the backyard
    on Aug 12 7-9pm. A working group is forming.

  8. Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm.

Minutes taken by Kevin Smith