2016 Fall Strategy Meeting Followup

Notes from the 2016 Fall Strategy Meeting Followup, held 6 December 2016

  1. Reviewed our activity since the our first meeting: Two press releases which resulted in an Op.Ed. piece in the New Hamburg Independent and an interview on the CBC’s morning show with Craig Norris. One letter to the editor from Dave Arthur and a piece by Luisa D’Amato with thanks to Dave Arthur. A footnote, Luisa had an excellent piece on the federal electoral reform survey in today’s paper. We are expecting another letter to the editor in response to an editorial in last week’s Waterloo Region Record to be published soon.
  2. We had a report from the National Green Party meeting in Calgary over last weekend. They voted to endorse MMP but are open to other Proportional Representation systems. Their endorsement of MMP brings them in line with NDP policy.
  3. Fair Vote Canada has a website which supports people looking for help to understand the federal survey. The FVC website is mycanadiandemocracy.ca. Please share that website as widely as possible!
  4. Send Christmas Cards to Liberal MPs stating, “All I want for Christmas is Proportional Representation”. The template for the cards (MS-Word .docx format, 217 kBytes) was sent Wednesday night to the discussion list. It is a nice Christmas craft activity for unhappy electoral reformers. Please send!
  5. We agreed to participate in Leadnow’s national day of action for electoral reform on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at noon. We will meet at Bardish Chagger’s office, 100 Regina Street South, in Waterloo to present her with a copy of the Liberal electoral reform promise. A smaller delegation will do the presentation while the rest of us sing Carols, hand out tabloids and Christmas cards outside her office. Fun ideas, colourful signs and placards are encouraged! If you can take the time over your lunch hour please join us!
  6. Donald Fraser will photoshop the current Liberal fundraising item, a toque that says: Real Change to read: Real Betrayal. If anyone has any ideas on how we can create an actual toque that says: Real Betrayal in time for Tuesdays rally, please let us know!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, 11 January 2017. Everyone is welcome!

Minutes of the previous meeting: Notes from FVC – WR Fall 2016 Strategy Meeting, 10 November 2016
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