2016 Fall Strategy Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

Notes from FVC – WR Fall 2016 Strategy Meeting, 10 November 2016


  • Stuart Chandler
  • David Dirks
  • Jennifer Ross
  • Cathe Campbell
  • Dave Arthur
  • Bob Jonkman
  • Margaret Neigh
  • Sean Haberlin
  • Donald Fraser
  • Eleanor Grant
  • Cathy Scott
  • Sharon Sommerville
  1. Allies & Supporters Brain Storming resulted in:


    • Federal & Provincial NDP, in particular Catherine Fife
    • Federal & Provincial Green Party
    • Leadnow
    • Broadbent Institute
    • Council of Canadians – nationally & new local chapter
    • KW Labour Council
    • Grand River Unitarian Church
    • Emmanuel United Church Social Justice Committee
    • Teacher at Southwood
    • Brian Tanquay
    • Byron Weber-Becker
    • Divest Waterloo
    • KW Peace


    • Working Center
    • Frank Valeriote
    • JP Kingsley
    • Luisa D’Amato
    • Diane Freeman
    • KPL/WR Public Libraries


    • Social Media
    • FVC-WR Buttons
    • Our Media List


    • Personal Networks
  2. Discussion of ER Town Hall Report to ERRE
    • agreement that the regional Liberal MPs report to ERRE misrepresented the sentiments expressed at the meeting.
    • Action: Dave Arthur to contact Louisa D’Amato to raise the issue with the hope that she will write about the misrepresentation in her column
    • Share MPs report with local media – David Dirks to draft press release
  3. We determined that our message is:
    • Keep Your Promise, 2015 Was The Last Election Under First Past The Post.
    • Action: Keep Your Promise Campaign
      • Send message to senior Liberals, personal networks & allies list
      • Ramp up letter writing campaign – Cathy Scott & Stu Chandler to be added to letter writing group.
      • Cathy Scott will review Record daily for articles or letters that we should respond to
      • Use social media – hashtags #HonourTheVote #KeepYourPromise
      • Share our work with other chapters on YahooFVCchapters group
      • Follow up with event in 2nd/3rd week of January
  4. Discussion of needs after the ERRE report is tabled
    • Action: Sharon to prime Allies regarding ERRE report & Dec. 1st postcards
    • Bob, Jenn & Sharon to draft several versions of a press release prior to Dec. 1st.
      1. We’re getting PR!
      2. Status Quo
      3. PR with a referendum
    • Make contact & keep up pressure on Bardish as House Leader & her important role in Cabinet
    • If needed, initiate a petition
    • Distribute ERRE report to this committee
  5. Next meeting: Tues. Dec. 6th – 7 pm at 85 Westmount Road South