2017 AGM

Fair Vote Waterloo Region Chapter

Annual General Meeting held 21 June 2017 at 7:00pm

Date: June 21 2017, 7:00pm

Location: Egg Roll King Restaurant

Present: Dave Arthur, Jay Judkowitz, David Dolson, Cathy Scott, David Dirks, Bob Jonkman, Jennifer Ross, Jonathan Cassels, Sharon Sommerville, Donald Fraser, Jim Sannes, Kevin Smith.

Meeting Announcement: http://www.fairvotewrc.ca/event/fair-vote-waterloo-annual-general-meeting-for-2017/

Review and acceptance of minutes from 2016 AGM

  • moved David Dirks, seconded by Jennifer Ross
  • all in favour of approval

Report from the Co-Chair and Chapter Co-ordinator, Sharon Sommerville

  • 12 community festivals, 3 of them in 2 days
  • submitted 22 community dialogues
  • hosted Jean-Pierre Kingsley
  • monthly discussions
  • backyard discussion
  • high schools
  • National Day of Action – Feb 11
  • pop up protest at Liberal event
  • Nathan Cullen’s tour
  • 48 letters to the editor on electoral reform
  • doubling our media presence every year for four years
  • 37000 people visiting website in 2017
  • 27 pages of petitions this year
  • only 3 buttons left from order
  • 3 runs of postcards – passionately received
  • Tri-Pride and Labour Picnic have the highest proportion of interest
  • Not much presence in Cambridge
  • best response is to the fairness issue

  • accepted: moved by Don, seconded by Cathy – ALL IN FAVOUR

Treasurer’s Report

(Treasurer’s Reports are not available online, but can be requested from the Secretary or Treasurer)

  • Donations from events
  • Expenses for events (eg. Kingsley)

  • accepted: moved by Sharon, seconded by Dave – ALL IN FAVOUR

Old Business

Outreach Team

  • David Dirks and Cathy Scott approached groups who may be interested in prop rep
  • targeted income inequality groups
  • low income voices, basic income interested, living wage group will spread the word
  • looking for joining our list, endorsements, joint events.
  • social action in churches, women’s groups, climate change groups
  • suggestion of approaching women’s business groups
  • coalition of causes that would benefit
  • PIRGs suggested – haven’t had a lot of luck
  • approaching young party members can generate some discussion
  • approaching young, minorities, non-Christian faith groups

Report from Letter Writing Team (Don Fraser)

  • wrote to Record, Star, National Post, Maclean’s
  • also wrote to Prime Minister
  • 3 times to every Liberal MP
  • registered letters to cabinet
  • emails to others
  • Jen and Sharon wrote to Justin to have a conversation, since they wrote the platform — no response (would get more from Pierre)
  • letter writing mailing list can use more people
  • need people to submit letters by others on blackout.
  • should comment on issues that could be improved by PR
  • Twitter responses can be effective

Election of Fair Vote Waterloo Executive Board

  • Shannon Adshade, Don Fraser, Mo Markham, Cathy Scott, Kevin Smith, and Sharon Sommerville will stand
  • A vote was held — STV two rounds – all elected but Shannon Adshade.
  • Sharon Sommerville co-chair; Kevin Smith secretary.

New Business

  • Wording on buttons and orders
    • 250 or 500 buttons 2-1/4 inch
    • $108.74 and $209.99
    • Do 250 now, and we will discuss a new message
  • Approved by Financial agent of Fair Vote Waterloo Region Chapter

  • Anniversary (have an event year after significant date) – to be considered
  • some discussion about forming a fundraising committee

  • Promo Wheel
    • People will spin wheel with numbers
    • matches with countries who have PR or not – guess

  • Digital outreach (Jonathan)
    • web design: input who you voted for, and whether you’re represented or not
    • could take tablets to festival
    • volunteers for committee: Jonathan Cassels, Bob Jonkman, David Dolson, and Jay Judkowitz

  • NDP Approach (Jonathan)
    • has approached leaders
    • mixed response
    • should we target NDP leaders over summer?
    • Anita from Fair Vote Canada is on board with this
    • motion to focus on NDP leadership campaign with policy platform for proportional representation
      • moved by Jennifer Ross, seconded by Jonathan Cassels
      • one abstention, rest in favour.

  • Summer Festivals – Volunteers
    • Handle by email – Jay suggested Google Forms
    • special request for organizer Sat Jul 8 at Kultrun (Sharon is away).


Motion to adjourn

  • moved by Donald Fraser, Jonathan Cassels – 9:15pm.

Minutes taken by Kevin Smith.

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