2017 New Year’s Strategy Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

Notes from the Fair Vote Waterloo 2017 New Year’s Strategy Meeting, held 11 January 2017


  • Sharon Sommerville
  • Dave Arthur
  • Stu Chandler
  • Bob Jonkman
  • David Dirks
  • Margaret Neigh
  • Byron Weber Becker
  • Shannon Adshade
  • Jenn Ross
  • Patty
  • Mo Markham
  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review
    • Jam packed with events since the fall
      • Media mentions in The Waterloo Record, interview on CBC, OpEd in The Hamilton Spectator
      • Christmas Card initiative
      • 13 December 2016 rally at the Hon. Bardish Chagger’s office: 50 people attended in the bitter cold; many regulars couldn’t make it, so it was an good turnout of new faces
      • People have written to and met with their Members of Parliament
    • Sharon met with the Hon. Bardish Chagger as the head of the Waterloo Federal Liberal Association’s policy committee
      • A request to send a letter to “Keep The Promise” was met with some resistance
    • The ERRE Committee report was released on 1 December 2016
    • The http://mydemocracy.ca website was started
    • A new Minister of Democratic Institutions has been appointed
      • The Hon. Karina Gould is the new minister
      • ToDo:
        • Check for a new mandate letter to the minister
        • Send letter of congratulations to Minister Gould (David Dirks)
        • Send letter of thanks to former Minister Stephane Dion (Sharon Sommerville)
        • Send letter of thanks to Minister Monsef (Bob Jonkman)

    There was discussion on the value of the mydemocracy.ca survey

  3. New Actions
    • Go visit your MP
      • The house resumes sitting on 30 January
      • There are 23 volunteers in Waterloo Region who will go to see their MPs
      • MP for Kitchener-Centre, Raj Saini seems to prefer phone calls to e-mail
      • Sharon Sommerville has kits available to prepare for meetings with MPs
      • To promote PR use the examples that minority governments have implemented Canadian Values like universal health care
      • Or use the counter-example that majority governments have done/undone things like the closing of the gas plants and the sale of HydroOne
    • Delegation to Bardish Chagger
      • Fair Vote volunteers who have responded to Anita Nickerson’s letter
    • Dave Arthur did some research: 36 of 184 Liberal MPs won their riding by less than 2500 votes.
      • Can we use this as leverage? Maybe not, the Liberals have likely concluded that those votes don’t count
    • Google Adwords:
      • Fair Vote Canada had some good results in purchasing Google AdWords
      • This needs preparation before we can purchase this service:
        • We need a target “Information” page to direct people to
        • We have no baseline statistical information, so we won’t know how effective the AdWords campaign is
        • The geographic distribution of AdWords viewers is much greater than Fair Vote Waterloo’s user base
      • The Liberals will have their own campaign (to promote a referendum)
        • Do we need to start our own campaign?
        • Will our campaign be effective to counter the (much better funded) Liberal campaign?
        • Can we use the Liberal campaign to advance our own?
      • Sharon Sommerville and Bob Jonkman will build an information page, and we’ll begin to gather stats
      • We also need to document the statistics of mailing list signups and petition signers at the various festival events
      • There were several offers of funding for a Google AdWords campaign
    • Kitchener Public Library Study Rooms (8-10 people)
      • We can show the “Make Every Vote Count” presentation
      • There is no cost to the rooms!
    • Discussion Nights
      • With all the other work we’re doing, perhaps monthly Discussion Nights is too often
        • We’ve already advertised the January Discussion Night, so it’s on
        • The next Discussion Night will be in May, to be held as a potluck
    • Justin Trudeau’s London Town Hall
      • we should go as citizens, not as a delegation of Fair Vote
      • Friday, 13 January 2017 starting at 6:45pm
      • Sharon Sommerville will put out a call for carpooling
    • High-school Civics classes?
      • Our contacts who used to invite us are no longer available
    • Campus groups?
      • Young Liberals of WLU and UofW
        • These people may not be the best proponents of Electoral Reform, as they’re trying to become staffers in the Liberal organization
      • Fair Vote Canada clubs on campus

— Notes taken by Bob Jonkman

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