2017 Strategy Meeting: Next Steps

Held: Monday, 6 February 2017 in Sharon Sommerville’s dining room

Event notice: Fair Vote Waterloo Strategy Meeting: Next Steps

Present: Bob Jonkman, Laurel Russwurm, Jon Bathmaker, Stuart Ross, Jenn Ross, Donald Fraser, Sharon Sommerville, Evan Rosamond, Kevin Smith, Kae Elgie, Stuart Chandler, David Dirks, Cathe Campbell, Cathy Scott, David Dolson

  1. Introductions
  2. Complaints
    • Andy Filmore (Secretary to Minister of Democratic Institutions)
    • Leadnow
      • Teleconference
  3. Main Business
    • Liberal decisions are made at their caucus retreat
    • Letters from Fair Vote Canada to Karina Gould (Minister of Democratic Institutions)
      • Karina Gould called FVC
    • Only one cabinet minister voted against breaking promise
    • Overheard: “I’m not sure I’ll be a Liberal much longer.”
    • FairvoteWRC in the media:
    • No consensus?
      • No education!
      • No leadership!
    • Evidence is there: 80% support Electoral Reform (ERRE report)
      • but no acknowledgement of this from the Liberals
      • “Broad Support” – 23 September 2015
        • Letter from Liberal president
    • Liberals will deny hearing from constituents
      • but they’ll take selfies
      • We should get FOI for records of constituent visits
    • FairvoteWRC presentation:
      • Library visits
      • Lectures
      • Book Clubs
      • Neighbours
    • Other parties
      • Greens
      • NDP
    • Liberals not hurting on Electoral Reform, but are hurting on the FlipFlop
    • Target specific ridings to get a minority government in 2019?
      • Cambridge?
      • Kitchener Centre?
    • Models for activism?
      • Cathy Scott and Sharon Sommerville to address
    • Saturday, 18 February for a Campaign Tactics meeting?
      • Bob Jonkman will set up a poll on the FairvoteWRC Web Site to determine the preferred date
    • Good decisions are made with diverse viewpoints
      • “Studies say…”
    • It’s tax season
      • Canadians must be truthful in their taxes
      • How about politicians?
    • Letter by Bob Jonkman
      • — info representation
    • Tactics:
      • Business cards in Little Libraries
        • Contact info and explanation of Proportional Representation affects everyone
        • Sharon Sommerville and Laurel Russwurm to design
      • Website for broken Liberal Promises
      • March to Raj Saini’s (Liberal, Kitchener Centre) office, Friday, 24 February 2017
      • Rally: 11 or 26 February 2017; Kitchener City Hall?
      • Toques, socks, mitts, rats
      • Banner
        • Can’t be partisan or anti-partisan
      • Poll?
      • Political Science Fair
        • Essays?
        • Prizes?

— Meeting notes taken by Bob Jonkman

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