2019 AGM

MINUTES of the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter Annual General Meeting

24 April 2019, 7:00pm started
Community Room, Bread and Roses Cooperative, 307 Queen Street South, Kitchener, Ontario
Bob Jonkman, Sharon Sommerville, Jim Stewart, Dave Arthur, Riani Dewet, Aden Seaman, Peter K, Stuart Chandler, David Dirks, Cathy Scott, Evan Rosemond, Jim Sannes

Review of MINUTES from 2018

  • moved Bob Jonkman, seconded by David Dirks — all in favour

Co-chair report: Sharon Sommerville

  • Lots of festivals
  • Two pop-up rallies, including Trudeau town-hall rally
  • Two meetings with politicians
    • Minister Gould
    • Celina Caesar-Chavannes
  • Two pop-up rallies, including Trudeau town-hall rally
  • Pages of signatures were delivered to parliament hill
  • Presentations to different groups
  • Letter writing is going well, lots of letters have been written
  • Door-to-door campaign
  • Well-attended all-candidates meetings
  • It was a very busy year

Other Reports

Outreach Committee: David Dirks

  • Most outreach to schools in the past was solicited by a few teachers
  • Chapter members can help with school contacts for outreach presentations
  • Other groups in K-W would probably also be interested in presentations on Proportional Representation

Digital Committee: Bob Jonkman

  • It was remarked that our website has a lot of content

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy Scott

  • Not much financial activity in the past year
  • Did get some donations
  • Trying to figure out how to do online donations through web site

  • Approved: moved by Cathy Scott, seconded by Bob Jonkman and David Dirks
    • Approved by all

Related matters were discussed:

  • Soliciting donations from mailing list members was discussed. This topic was also discussed earlier this year
  • Buttons from last year are plentiful and we don’t need more
  • Business cards are running low and more should be purchased
  • Chapter phone number should continue. It will be moved from Aden’s Asterisk phone system to another VoIP provider.

Election of executive

  • Aden Seaman, Stuart Chandler, and Jim Sannes volunteer to be members of the board
  • Due to not having any contention for positions on the board, these volunteers are elected by acclamation
  • Cathy Scott becomes Chapter Coordinator
  • Chapter Executive Board 2019-2020
    • Co-chair 2019-2021: Sharon Sommerville
    • Co-chair 2018-2020: Jim Sannes
    • Treasurer 2018-2020: Aden Seaman
    • Secretary 2019-2021: Bob Jonkman
    • Members at large: Cathy Scott, Stuart Chandler

New business

  • Festivals
    • Multicultural Festival
    • TriPride
    • DTK (Downtown Kitchener) website usually lists the different festivals that occur in the summer
    • Non-Violence Festival
    • Kultrun Festival
  • Partnering with other groups: very long conversation
  • Purchasing new business cards
    • old ones are running out
    • should buy more if chapter finances allow
    • moved by Evan Rosemond, seconded by Jim Stewart
  • Use federal petition form this summer at festivals, as that’s the election that’s coming up
  • PEI referendum
  • Upcoming demonstrations
  • Health Care related issues

Motion to adjourn

  • moved by Bob Jonkman, seconded by Aden Seaman.

Minutes taken by Aden Seaman

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