Comparison of Three Systems

Yes we can !

A suggestion to the federal parties on how to present electoral reform possibilities to the Canadian people

In his Record article on 11 Feb, 2017 Professor Barry Kay wrote that the Greens, Liberals and NDP were not willing to ‘water their wine’ to reach a compromise and as […]

Letter to the Editor: On the Motion to Concur with the Report of the Electoral Reform Committee

This letter was submitted to Waterloo Region Record, and printed on 27 May 2017. It does not appear to be on The Record’s web site.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you concerning a coming motion in Parliament to “concur” with the Report of the Electoral Reform (ER) Committee. Traditionally such a vote has […]

The presentation is ready: Make Every Vote Count

Title slide Make Every Vote Count

At long last, Fair Vote Waterloo’s presentation on Proportional Representation and voting systems is ready!

This presentation, Make Every Vote Count, describes four types of voting systems: First-Past-The-Post and Alternative Vote (both Winner-Take-All systems), and Multi-Member and Mixed Member (both Proportional Representation systems).

Available as:


An Opportunity To Contribute To Provincial Electoral Reform Legislation

Good Morning FairVoting Friends,

The Provincial government is currently reviewing the Municipal Elections Act and considering electoral alternatives to First Past the Post. For the next seven weeks, the government is accepting submissions from citizens on their views on the Ranked Ballot. Ranked Ballot, when used to elect members in multi-member districts is a proportional […]

August Open Streets Festival: Election Simulation Results

Ballot for Riding 5

On August 3 there was another Open Streets event in Uptown Waterloo, and once again Sharon Sommerville from the Waterloo Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada was present to run an election simulation.

Turnout for this election was low: only 25 votes were cast. Unsurprisingly, there were many ties […]

Kultrun and Nonviolence Festival: Election Simulation Results

Ballot for Riding 3

(Our apologies for getting this out so late.)

On July 11 and 12 the Waterloo Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada re-ran its Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMPR) election simulation. This time, we staffed booths at two polling stations: one at the Kultrun festival on July 11 and 12 in […]

Multicultural Festival: Election Simulation Results

Ballot for Riding 1

On June 21 and 22 the Fair Vote Canada information booth ran a mock election to demonstrate proportional representation in action. Over 130 people voted for their preferred foods using a mixed-member proportional ballot. Here are the results of that election.

In the mixed-member proportional voting (MMPR) system, […]