Trudy Beaulne Remembered

Trudy Beaulne

Trudy Beaulne Introduces the Panelists at the panel discussion Is the Fair Elections Act Fair?

Last Friday, Trudy Beaulne, director of the Social Development Council of Waterloo Region, passed away.

The Board of Directors of Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter would like to express our condolences to Trudy’s family and all those who will feel her loss.

Trudy was a woman of strength, intelligence and compassion. Her work to strengthen our communities and improve the lives of individuals was an enormous gift to Waterloo Region. Trudy used her gifts to benefit others; her impact and legacy will remain with all whose lives she touched. Trudy will be remembered and greatly missed.

Sharon Sommerville
for FairVote Canada – Waterloo Region

Trudy Beaulne obituary | The Record

“Is the Fair Elections Act Fair?” pictures by Bob Jonkman are licensed Creative Commons LicenseCC-BY.

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  • Stuart Chandler

    Thanks Sharon.

    How sad.
    Oddly enough, I was thinking of her, very recently.

    Some years ago, she and I were involved in AVP (Alternatives to Violence
    Program) a volunteer organization that does prison and community workshops to
    examine the many faces of violence and explore peaceful responses.

    I was always impressed with her energy and her focus on social justice.

    She will be missed.

    Best regards.